Who Saw Patriots at: Nickerson Field - Harvard - Schaefer/Sullivan Stadium.

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I watched Flutie play as the Natick HS QB ......knew back then that this kid was something special .... his BC career just proved that !


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in 1981 I sat in Schaefer and watched the Pats lose to the Baltimore Colts.

I remember getting a sunburn, first game of the year. great seats were NO problem in those days... lol

Man, I went to the Pats game in Baltimore that year! The Colts absolutely stunk that year. They won only two games, the first game of the season and the last game of the season. Both against the Pats!

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Opening day 1975 at Schaefer stadium. Pats lost to Houston Oilers 7-0 in a monsoon. Only score was a fumble recovery. I was a guest of the architect of the stadium ( also designed Bills' stadium)...... Sullivan's didn't have a lot of money, hence the aluminum seats....

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Started on the aluminum benches at Schaefer Stadium courtesy of my dads season tickets. He only had them for a few years.


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Never saw the Pats at Fenway or Nickerson Field, when to a bunch of games in Schaefer/Sullivan/Foxboro Stadium, probably the first when I was in High School around 1981 or 1982. Season ticket holder since 1994.

Bonus: Saw the Boston Breakers of the USFL play at Nickerson Field in 1983. Best seats to a game I've ever had, right on the 50 yard line. They beat the Philadelphia Stars on a last minute Hail Mary catch in the end zone!


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Went to many games in the 80's 90's and so on....tix were easy to get, would always pick the premier visiting teams games Marino, Kelly, saw Bo and the Raiders, some Giants and Redskins games, Oilers....had a friend that was diehard Raiders fan, scared to death to wear his jersey, can't imagine why back then, LOL


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I was one of the originals.....my Dad took me to the first ever Pats game VS Broncos at old BU Field (Nickerson), i was 8 years old!!

He also bought season tickets in the 60’s, twice to Fenway Park, once at Harvard and we also attended games at BC.

Finally, he bought tickets from day one at Sullivan Stadium and we’ve had these seats in the family since then (transferred to my name in the 80’s!!!

So, i have seen the Patriots play a home game in every venue except one - that would be the one home game they played in Birmingham, Al (This was before Sullivan Stadium when we almost lost the club totally from the area, due to stadium issues, Boston would just never see their way to build stadium in Boston).
I also attended that first game. The difference was you were 8 and I was 28. That
game began a lifelong love affair with the team. That original team operated on a shoestring while the current team has solid financial backing.

I attended occasional games for many years at most of the venues except BC. One
year, an old guys at work gave me all his tickets. I had season tickets from 1973-75
and for the past six years.



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I've had the privilege of watching the Patriots in EVERY home venue they've played in.....in New England:
Nickerson,Fenway,Harvard,BC,of course the gorgeous Sullivan/Schaeffer stadium.
Patriots played 1 home game in...........
......Birmingham,Alabama. No, I didn't go.
Did anyone here attend that game?
You win!