Snacks Harrison in Foxboro?

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Oct 25th

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captain stone

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Who’s the other? James Harrison?



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Let’s sign him so we can all read about his retirement and the following statement of how cool Belichick is and let him keep a cool mill for doing jack ****. It’s hard to get excited about any of these signings or talk football in general without being cynical. I just don’t see a football season happening. I hope I’m wrong. With no pop warner football, college football etc, looks like I’ll be playing a helluva lot more Madden this year trying to scratch that itch.


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Who’s the other? James Harrison?
It's gotta be...According to the link below, they are the only 2 Harrisons to ever have played here:

New England Patriots All-Time Roster | The Football Database

I actually thought that James Harrison did well for us, considering the circumstances, though his SB52 performance won't remind anyone of his SB43 performance.
Yes, James Harrison.... I think Captain Stone has a fair point that he played reasonably well for us, so maybe I was being a bit harsh to say "1 for 2" :(


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I saw this car in the Gillette parking lot...


It can only mean one thing!! Mike Tyson is signing with the Pats!!!