Pats vs Broncos week 6 pre-game discussion

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Oct 25th

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I stand by that this Patriots team is dangerous. Let's win this game and get to 3-2. Let the league sleep on us.
I’m not sure how dangerous they are, but I do believe in their ability to go 3-2. And they have certainly impressed me to date. The two teams that edged them out are amongst the strongest the league has to offer.


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As ludicrous as this may seem, this is as close to a must win week 5 game as you'll have. 2-2 and a loss puts them under water. This is a game the Pats SHOULD win and they're at home. They need to be 3-2 Sunday at 4:30.
A Bills loss to the Chiefs puts the Pats tied for 1st with a win.


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breakout game



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Im just thankful that I get to watch Cam newton instead of having to bear another week of watching the garbage that is hoyer/stidham
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