Patriots Memories: Your First Patriots Game

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First live event was the superfoot competition (won by John Smith held at a Horse racing track as Schaefer Stadium was being completed. Bought season tics as a HS student, took my cousin who was voer from England to a Pre season against teh Raiders Pats won 20-6 IIRC. I think it was one of the first games at the of stadium.

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My first Patriots Game was at Harvard Stadium in 1970 against The Baltimore Colts.I got to see Johnny Unitas for the first time and He beat the Patriots on that day when on 4th and 1 He went play action to Roy Jefferson for the game winning Touchdown.
This game is more memorable for the fact Bob Gladieux was called out of the crowd by the Public Address Announcer to play in the game.Gladieux was drunker than a skunk but somehow made the opening tackle on Special Teams and then proceeded to blow lunch on the field. Just another day at the office for The Old Patriots.That was my introduction to the world of Patriot Nation.
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The first game I actually remember (although I know I went to a couple games before this one) is the Patriots v. the Vikings. It was the first game Joe Kapp started after being traded to the Patriots. There was a massive snow storm the day before and no one bothered to clean the seats or the stairs. I remember the Purple People Eaters walking from who knows where presumably from their locker room to the stadium. I think this was the highlight of the game for me...standing next to these giant guys.

The Patriots and Joe Kapp were terrrible.

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My first games experience with the Pats was during the mid-80's when I was on the colorguard of the UMass marching band. We used to get invited to do the half time show once a year (except 1985-6 when the Pats went to the Superbowl, as for once the games were sold out and they couldn't seat us in the endzone as usual). This was in the old stadium when they had green carpet for a field. It was really cool. What was unbelievable was the noise when you are on the field. UMass had over 200 musicians, but when we did the show you couldn't hear the music - you had to watch the conductor or where the band was going to know where they were in the show.

When I was a sophomore or junior the opponent was the Oakland Raiders. We ran a little overtime on the show and they all had come back onto the field. Our last move was sort of a sit/split on the side line facing the crowd. All the Oakland players were towering over us screaming, "Get the [email protected]##! off the field! We thought they were going to hit us. Just more reason to hate the Raiders!

In 1993 my hubby and I got season tickets and I haven't looked back! I love going to the games and feel so lucky to be able to do so!

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I think I popped my Pats cherry at a pre-season game in 1987 and then another in 1988. They lost both. All I really remember are the fights in the stands. We were behind the Pats bench and I remember they all turned around to watch a really good fight in the stands. The first game I vividly remember was against Miami in Dec 1992. That was the coldest game I've ever been to. The Pats were terrible that year (2-14) and Miami was good, but the Pats almost won, losing 13-16. My buddies and I had to leave before the end of the game b/c we got into a rumble and one of my friend's lips got all effed up and we had to take him to the Kent County E.R. I remember being drunk by 10 a.m. that day and frozen by noon.

Good times.

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that's about one-third of my recollections. if anyone wants the entire story say so.

i'm interested - so, if you can , pls continue

ps for Mike The Brit = when i saw the Pats too it was awesome, amazing - i will never forget that moments, as you.

the general athomsfera was beautiful and i made also a tailgate outside the stadium ! beautiful , no words...


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My first and only trip to Foxborough was in November 1989 when I watched Steve Grogan lead the Pats to a 33-24 victory over the Bills which was won in a frantic 34-point 4th quarter.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, but there were really just two things I remember well: (1) it was freezing cold (2) just as we left the stadium the fans were over the moon and this one guy turned to me and said: "I can't believe they f+cking won".

They were a poor side and expectations were low.

I have a second trip planned for the Eagles game in late November this year, and I can't wait. If anyone has any suggestions about how to source a pair of tickes, I'd love to hear them. Happy to pay more or less whatever it takes.

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I did almost go to my first Pats game at Sullivan Stadium in 87 I had tix, but it was a scab game and did not attend..


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I'm not absolutely sure because it was so long ago, but it might have been in the late 70s when we beat the Jets something like 55-3. Harold Jackson and Stanely Morgan had big games, and I definitely recall one Jet receiver getting absolutely popped in the endzone, causing him to drop what would have been a touchdown pass.

However, I may had been to another game prior to that, that year or just the year before... I remember the "Tastes Great!...Less Filling!" routine that used to occur between endzone fans and one corner of the grandstand, and how this was then altered for that Jets game to be "Tastes Great!...Jets Suck!". Who thought up that stuff?


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Don't remember the first but my favorite "long-time ago game" was against the Raiders. We went down by bus from work (in NH). A guy wearing a Millen jersey sat in front of me and was being obnoxious (surprise, surprise). We had one of those hundred square things were everyone bought a couple squares for a buck and the winner got the whole hundred bucks.

The score was tied 23-23 (I forget), but my square was Pats 6-3. Whatever, if John Smith made the field goal being set up with a couple seconds left I won. The rules of the square were it was for regulation only, so the guy with 3-3 would win if he missed. Smith missed the kick but there was a Raider off-sides penalty and Smith re-kicked and made it.

I thought it couldn't get any better, but the guys started saying I should buy drinks on the way home. I said, sure, stop at the Golden Banana and I'll pick up the tab. We stopped and everyone rushed out. No one noticed I stayed on the bus. While I drank beers out of other people's coolers, I guess it was quite a scene inside when everyone ordered and I wasn't there to pay.

They threatened to leave me in Danvers, but eventually they saw the humor in it.


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I'm not absolutely sure because it was so long ago, but it might have been in the late 70s when we beat the Jets something like 55-3.
It was 56-3. The pats scored a TD the first 8 times they had the ball. I was actually hoping for more (I hate the Jets).

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Not my 1st Pats game but I was at Lowell stadium in the 60s when Joe Willie Namath played his very 1st game for the Jets, an exhibition against the Pats. We probably lost. I remember that he looked good. And no, he didn't try to kiss anybody.


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I can't remember anything about the first game we went to, except that it was really really cold. Under zero. It was in the mid to late 70s. What I vividly remember most was when they announced that the band would not come out and play, because they were afraid their lips would stick to the instruments. They actually announced that, which is funny. As is the fact that there was a band at a pro game, which is not something I ever would have remembered excpet for the announcement. The most famous game I can remember going to was the snowplow game. We wanted that kick to be good so bad because we were so freaking cold. We noticed the snowplow. I think my dad asked me, "can they do that?" But we didn't see shula going nuts or anything, or, if we did, we didn't really know why. It wasn't until we saw the news that we realized the snowplow was an issue. Driving home from the game we mostly talked about how uncomfortable it was, how hard it was to get hot chocolate, and how boring the game was.

Maybe I'm misremembering it, but I think there was still some time left on the clock after the winning kick in the snowplow game. I have a vague memory that we still had to stick around a bit after the kick and the game was still in doubt.
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