Only one state outside of New England is rooting for the Patriots...

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I dunno when the flip happened, but I used to only pay lip service to the idea of enjoying how much we're hated. Now I really do enjoy it. It's just so clear at this point that it's all driven by jealousy and pettiness, and living in California I'm certainly surrounded by it, and now I don't even bother getting defensive or anything. I just call people on it and laugh at them. **** em all.
I've come to embrace it as well. I live in the southeast and there are a lot of front-running pro sports fanbases down here, where they want to be as good as the north in so many ways, but they are insecure about everything.

True story: A Broncos colleague of mine said this to me the Monday morning after the loss to the Panthers in Sept: "Oh, how the mighty have fallen", with a big smile on his face.

Talk about awkward.

1. He actually believed it.
2. NE is never a great team in Sept.

And, then, look at what has happened to Denver. I've never gone back this year to even rub it in his face, because I don't want to lower myself down to his level.

People actually think their teams have achieved Pats-level of status if their team happens to beat the Pats early in the season or when the Pats put out a B Squad.

It's very odd. It's like some kind of weird phenomenon.

What's really strange is the NFC fanbases who have had little to no confrontation wit the Pats, where those fanbases are seething with jealousy. It's very odd.

The Pats have literally created this sports version of mental illness all over the league.


I've also noticed that Pats fans who have never ventured outside of NE, have no clue of this insanity.

Until you've experienced Patsnoia yourself from other grown adults, you can't appreciate it.
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I think people need to take things into context as shown. 99% or less of fans do not post in a Team forum, and the 1% are probably extreme fans that do. New Orleans has been polled for every SB and has supported the Pats in the last 5 SB appearances. They were polled in the new Orleans picayune times and its very pro-Pats SB for the 6th time.
What ppl say online :confused:


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Pherein is correct. I live just across the river from the Dome, and most of my wife's family and our friends root for the Patriots as they share our mutual hatred of Goodell. Maybe as you go further W and NW, you may get the anti-Patriot bias, but not in the immediate city. At least with the people I know...But I am really surprised if North Dakota is the only other state?

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nobody in toronto stabbed me when i visited in a Patriots tshirt.
That would be very un-Canadian.

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