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Nov 29th

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Those of us who laid the blame on Belichick for last season have been proven correct, unsurprisingly. Brady was never in any decline, that was a lie to cover for the horrible personnel Bill thrust upon him. It's pretty embarrassing to see how wretched our QBs are while simultaneously watching Brady working on building a case for MVP at age 43.

Not only that Belichick's defense looked AWFUL.

I'm not sure how people can blame Brady or Bellichcik for anything. They gave us 6 Super Bowl rings..The people last year calling Brady noodle arm and wanting him to retire are the same people saying now that Bill can't' just ridiculous. I love them both and am grateful as a fan for the two GOATS.


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Belichick is one of if not the greatest coach in NFL history, that’s a stone cold fact that isn’t disputable.

His team building on the other hand well- maybe not so GOAT like.

I disagree. I think that Belichick has proven that his team building is 2nd to none. Look at what he did with 2001, 2003, 2004. He even admits that the mistake he made in 2002 was thinking that Steve Martin could be the answer at NT.
This team has issues. The QB, and by extension the Offensive Identity, is the biggest issue right now. If that issue can be mitigated, then the team has what it takes to compete with anyone in the league.

IMHO, BB needs to make the same hard decision with Cam that he made with Martin. Eliminate the issue and move on, the consequences be damned.

Provided that Thuney and Herron aren't lost for any time, then this O-line could be extremely dominant and make it much easier to go with someone other than Cam for the remainder of the year.

I mentioned earlier that an O-line with Wynn, Onwenu, Thuney, Mason, and Eleumenor/Herron would allow the run game to thrive. That grouping, imho, has the athleticism to not only be maulers, but to use the moving game in terms of screens and such to really control games. This, would open allow the play-action pass and intermediate passing game to really open up. It would do wonders to the confidence of the entire offense and should allow the defense to play to it's strengths instead of having to try and play for 18 of 23 minutes of a half to try and keep the team in the game.


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I am more angry than disappointed at this moment. This team has zero heart and that starts with Bill.
I am angry that he ignored the offense for the last few years, he has wiffed on the draft (I was one of the people that gave Harry the benefit for long after many on here had ), he hardly made any moves of substance during free agency the last few years on the offensive side of the ball, he had no clear plan for Brady's replacement even though he knew Brady was gone at the end of last year long before any of us did.
Today the defense played terrible and many of them were going through the motions. We might have some defensive players with talent but collective they played horrible for most the game. They are probably sick of having to carry the offense but they still get paid a lot to play decently and today no one really gave an effort.
There will be many people that will now say that it was Brady that made this team and not Bill. I don't believe that, I still think Bill is a fantastic coach, he just needs to check his ego at the door and do what's right for the organization. Right now Cam is not the answer, but the second choice is not any better. This team needs to be blown up, stop putting all the money on the defensive side, loosen the purse strings , make a good trade before the deadline and spend all the cap money on skill players. We still will have a good D, we just need a good O to go with it. Also Josh should be shown the door. After today's performance he is not the heir apparent to Bill !


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Love asinine takes like this one. Shows that despite Belichick having been the coach for 20 years, people still don't have the first clue about him.

Belchick didn't "decide to show everyone he could win without Brady". This goes to show that you're willing to ignore facts and reality.

Since you weren't paying attention. It came out that prior to the 2018 "extension", Brady had told the Patriots he wanted multiple guaranteed years. He didn't want to be playing on a year to year contract. At 41, and being in nearly untested territory, it's easily understandable why Belichick didn't want to make that commitment.

Maybe you should have looked at Brady's actual stats from 2017-2019 before you posted this garbage. If you had, you'd have seen that Brady's stats were DOWN. His completions %. His yards. His TDs. His Ints were up. And yes, that includes acknowledging that Brady's 2019 O-line was a mish-mash since it was without Andrews and that Karras, Cannon, Wynn, and Mason all missed time.

All it would take is a 3year guaranteed contract and Brady having a catastrophic injury in 2019 to have hamstrung the Patriots for 2-3 years. Then what?

Please show me a SUCCESSFUL team that has let a CONTRACT player let "personnel decisions" on the offensive side of the ball? BTW, considering they went out and got Gordon and got Brown, it's hard for anyone to claim that BB didn't listen to his QB in terms of personnel decisions.

The ONLY part of your post that is sensible is your claim that the 6 SB wins and 9 appearances are thanks to them BOTH.

And guess what? His numbers are UP. All it took was for his team's GM to give him what he needed. Maybe if Belichick recognized that Brady needed more players around him, his numbers from 2018-2019 would have been better. And maybe you should check Brady's stats from 2017 - he was kinda good that year winning the MVP and all. It's up to the the greatest coach in league history to recognize that his slide over the past few years were due to personnel and not decline on Brady's part.
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Team looks good! It’s great to see WRs running open all over the field. Winning against press man. Cam looked spectacular. The run defense was absolutely stout at the point of attack and the team speed is off the charts. I think we’re a lock for the AFCCG, and likely Super Bowl champs.
Best post of the year ! Thanks Kontra for the laugh, I certainly needed that after today's game !


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Team looks good! It’s great to see WRs running open all over the field. Winning against press man. Cam looked spectacular. The run defense was absolutely stout at the point of attack and the team speed is off the charts. I think we’re a lock for the AFCCG, and likely Super Bowl champs.
Where is Harry on your MVP ballot? He had to be up there.

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I do think Brady was right for leaving. We wouldn't be 5-2 with Brady here. Maybe 3-3. I'll give you 3-3.
I think people would think Brady was done if he had stayed here with our current weapons. I don’t know of any qb outside of maybe Russell Wilson that could get something out of this passing game.


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I am not surprised that you would disagree, because you almost always do. No need to respond either, I am pretty sure you will call me an idiot or something like that.

He had no real plan at QB this year. He just waited until someone fell out of the QB tree. The whole thing about Stidham being ready to take on the starting role was a false flag that was planted to improve negotiating leverage with any veteran QB they ultimately tried to sign. To say that Meyers and Olszewski are works in progress is simply aspirational and wishful thinking. They are JAG's with below average talent level for an NFL team. Starting the year without a proven TE on the roster is ridiculous. Keene and AsiAsi under the best of circumstances would take a couple of years to develop. To start this season without a # 1 or # 2 WR and no proven TE and a new QB with NO experience in this system and a history of problems with interceptions clearly demonstrates that Bill did not really plan this through optimally.

By the way, I still think he is one of the three greatest coaches of all time. No one is perfect and the fact that he mishandled this transition is simply a small stain on an otherwise all time great career,

People like yourself called Edelman a f'in jag for years. You'll forgive me if I think that your opinion on Meyers and Olszewski is not worthy of the bandwith in which you posted.

What's ridiculous is people like yourself taking the "I clearly know more than Belichick" tact. Claiming he "waited until someone fell out of the QB Tree" is just laughable. There weren't any GOOD veteran QBs to sign that didn't want 20M/year to start. Go back and look if you don't believe me. And people like yourself would have been apoplectic if they'd signed Philip Rivers for $20M and let Brady go.

The team started the season with a clear #1 AND #2 WR. Just because you can't be bothered to accept it doesn't make it reality. And your take on TE is as bogus as the rest of your schtick. Who would you have signed? With WHAT money, exactly? You seem determined to think that the Salary cap doesn't apply to the Patriots.

YOUR BS claim was that Belichick didn't have a plan. I gave you ample information to show your claim was completely bogus. Just because you refuse to accept facts doesn't change anything.

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Coincidence or not, the downgrade seemed to start around the time J-Mac started pointing out the NFL's lack of Covid protection protocols. IM

They seemed to have some sort of cohesiveness before that.

Either way, it's really ugly at the moment. It's time to spend for talent.
Maybe even tank for picks.

Injuries at critical positions that are already thin, aren't helping.

BTW, I agree with J-Mac


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I’ve never seen a Pats team with less heart, and I’m old enough to have been drunk during each of the 1-15 season games almost 30 years ago (

today: “Hey, let’s not tackle that dude, he looks big. Or fast. Or here.”

That’s OK though because.... it’s not.

Sorry, but I saw a team who's hear was ripped out by the horrible play of their "LEADER" in Newton. More so than any time Brady played a crappy game.

But, your being drunk during the 1-15 games is why you can't remember them. ;)


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The Patriots of the dynasty years rarely lost two games in a row, let alone two poorly played games in a row. They did have awful performances from time to time, but they came roaring back the following week. These past two losses make me pessimistic for the remainder of the season.
Brady was a big part of that. He wouldn’t allow 2 straight bad games in a row (usually). He would usually go off after a loss and destroy teams. Cam doesn’t have that ability.


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I hope that everyone realizes that Brady is going to win the Super Bowl this season.

They are a top 5 team for sure. KC, Baltimore, Seattle, Pitt, and Tennessee are also up there. It's a crowded field at the top of the league. Against teams with a good pass rush, Brady struggled a bit (Chicago and NO).


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What I saw today from the QB position was horrifying. Best way to put it. Seriously- I cringed every time a ball was in the air.

Might have been a top 5 worst QBing performances I have ever seen on the Patriots and I’ve seen some doozies over the years.

It's pretty bad when you wish that Mark Sanchez was your starter instead of Newton...


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Stopped reading here. Facts are facts. There is no "because you think..........." No, It's a fact. The end.
That shows the kind of idiocy you are forcing on the rest of us. Facts aren't just facts. Without context, they are meaningless. Which is why your posts are complete garbage. Maybe when you are willing to admit that you're not actually comparing similar things despite them being facts, you might have something intelligent to say. Until then, you're wasting bandwidth and offering nothing cogent.