Official Game Day Thread- Week 7....Falcons @ Pats

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Pick Results: SF: 27.7% at NE: 72.3%
Oct 25th

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Pats showing the Falcons how to put the game away.

Great performance from the defense and offense and of course the special teams, that FG block really turned the momentum for us.


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Okay officially done now with that first down. I don't think anyone could ask for a better game. Loved the D tonight. A lot of things to talk about. Yes it is only 1 game but this team started to turn it around the last 2 games and this game down 2 starters looks very solid. I am sure we will have ups and downs but this gives me a belief they can be a very solid D come playoff time.

OL to me at this point is the #1 concern and the D is a distant 2nd.

I wanna see Gilmore next week against the chargers.
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