Official Game Day Thread- Week 7....Falcons @ Pats

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Oct 25th

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Is it just me or has the falcons pass rush been coming at Brady every single play so far? People might say that the oline has gotten better but god watching Ryan in the pocket makes it look much nicer.

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Gronk is the 150lb kid from the pee wees that was just too good for the 70 lb kids.

You figure in the pros it wouldnt matter that he is just too big and too good and just let him play the damn game. These pitty calls are so ridiculous to try and bring him down to the nfl level.

So tired of the hack a shaq bs treatment he gets from these losers.


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The Eagles won a game vs. the Panthers this year with some of the worst officiating I have ever seen going against them. Lets see if we can do it.
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