Official Game Day Thread- Week 7....Falcons @ Pats

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If anyone watched the Celtics vs Sixers the other night than this is nothing when it comes to penalties.


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I am just confused why the “penalties” and Gronk and Solder were called yet Cooks wasn’t given his holding call. Either let them play or call it tightly, but for gods sake, be consistent.


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Done. I will damned if i am going to watch this level of cheating. The NFL is a sick joke.


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I'm sure the refs have been instructed to let Atlanta play but any chance to flag the Patriots should be taken.


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I know right? They're the WORST division-leading team EVAH

Come on man don't be spoiled. Be a real fan.

You can't separate from the past.

And you're failing the eyes test.

Gronk commited and obvious penalty and this defense has been hard to watch all year.

Oh and the offense died the minute jules got hurt and has had zero.chemistry but I guess I should sit in the corner and be happy because they were good last year!!!

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another technically correct call that had nothing to do with the result of the play and doesn't get called 90% of the time. Now we are 50 penalty yard in the first 7 minutes of the game. BTW- there was no reason to call the foul on Solder except that the Pats were moving the ball

That's the thing though, there's no play in football that doesn't go by without a technically correct penalty. I don't think the officials do this out of malice or anything, and I think anyone who thinks they're out to get the Patriots is ridiculous, but every single team's fan can point to N plays every week where a penalty or lack thereof made all the difference. It's just not a good game.
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