Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 16 Bills @ Pats

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Sep 27th

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Goodell sucks Supporter
You expect your WR to at least give an effort on his block. Had Sanu done anything of worth in his attempt, Harry would have had the first down.
Expecting Sanu to do anything worthwhile is arguably an error in its own right


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
can we get a refund on the sanu trade? that has to go down as one of the worst in recent history.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
haven't posted in the GDT in forever but that was the stupidest sequence of situational football I have seen in a while. Bad coaching totally dic* punching the entire team. WTF just punt!!

Ice_Ice_Brady Supporter Supporter
I don’t recall a player wrecking an entire first half like Sanu did there. Can’t extend his arms and then doesn’t block on 4th and inches. Reprehensibly poor fundamentals. Completely changed the momentum of this game and now the Bills are walking tall. Unreal.


In the Starting Line-Up
I don't wanna see any hindsight BS about we shouldn't have went for it. Don't tell me you didn't trust this defense to not let THAT happen..... It is what it is.
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