Official Game Day Thread- Week 15 Pat @ Steelers

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Sep 20th

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I’m always amazed watching Gronk get catches like that despite the blatant interference.

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Pittsburgh without brown is like the Pats without Gronk. If we can't beat them without brown, game over, and possibly season over as well.


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This ref crew is clearly biased towards Pitt.

- #66 of the Steelers was 5 yards downfield before Ben threw the ball on the 1st TD to Rogers.

- AluAlu hit Brady late. He took more then 1 step.
- Bell was given an extremely generous spot after being more than half a yard shy of the 1st down marker.
- How was Bryant not called for OPI? He clearly kept his arm out preventing Gilmore from getting by him.. If Gronk had done that, the a flag would have been thrown immediately.
I normally like a game played with few flags thrown. But obvious calls that are dirty plays need to be called like the late hit on Brady. The Steeler had no intention of pulling up and knew what he was doing. This has gone on all year. On the same play, the defensive back hit Hollister in the face with one of his hands when he was breaking up the pass. Both non-calls would have been automatic first downs. The TD pass at the end of the half should have been OPI. Bryant definitely kept Gilmore off him with the stiff arm. Fantastic catch, but still should have been OPI.


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How do u know that
Just the look of the injury and where he was holding. The fact that they are reporting a calf injury tells me that. Plus I hear he is being taken to the hospital now.
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