DRAFT Official Draft Day LIVE Discussion Thread - Night 2

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Pick Results: LAS: 2.2% at NE: 97.8%
Sep 27th

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Any idea what they plan to do defensively this year? Feel like Diggs would thrive in a cover 3
Yeah, that sounds about right. More pressure packages, probably. Curious to see how it works out for them, but they could have a nice squad.

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Goodell sucks
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“This kid has a lot of potential and comes from a great family. ALSO, his best friend’s uncle’s former boss’s mechanic got killed in a hang gliding accident.”
"He plays football and he knows a guy who died" is way too easy a template, but I gotta say it was bad news for the Raiders when the guy they picked 19th's top 2 highlights were "he was second-team all conference last year" and "he has a son named Ace: