DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official Draft Day LIVE Discussion Thread - Day 3

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Sep 20th

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Honestly since when did this entire board become experts on kickers?

definitely a position that school, division etc doesn’t matter. I’m sure the kid has a leg on him and they did due diligence... we seemed to do just fine last kicker we drafted

You don't need to be an expert to see that a kicker is going to be irrelevant in an offense with zero offensive talent.

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Tough when you are either losing draft pix or drafting from the bottom of the board...

OTOH since 2013 they have been to 4 Superbowls and won 3, so pro bowlers are not that big of a deal.. when was the last time you seriously watched a Pro Bowl???
yeah they won all those super bowls because of Tom Brady and he nailed the 2010-2013 drafts

those players are either gone or old now..and were left with this mess

6-10 is my prediction


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Couple of great Pats from Marshall U., Brown and some dude named Moss.

At that level they can all kick long and accurately but can they handle pressure and adversity? Just remember that both AV4 and SG3 had some early adversity to overcome and needless to say they did so very well.

A lot more to get done today for them but getting a kicker was essential IMHO. More than a 1-tech DT, C, or WRs is a question very far beyond the likes of yours truly, but at least this element of frustration with their roster building has been addressed.


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OMG dood, Jesus if this stuff pains you this much you really should go root for another team, or at least stop posting here.
I thought it was an obvious joke, tongue firmly in cheek.

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Proche still out there, reminds me of a prime version of Brandon Lloyd.

how bout it bill?


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I guess they didn’t like Blankenship’s low driving kicks and the fact that he played in warm weather the majority of the time. That’s understandable. Rohrwasser seems to have a great leg.
Is West Virginia considered on the colder side?


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still 7 years without any pro bowlers is alarming

and it’s clear belichick loves to take projects and reach in the draft rather than take established production. His track record at wr is abysmal. Amazing coach on the field!
Why is that alarming?? What matters is the Pats Record since 2013 is 86 & 26, not bad for no "pro bowlers"..