NFL Stadiums - Which ones have you been to?

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I've been to Fed Ex field to see the Skins play, and this past year I made it to Ford Field to see a college game, Western Michigan vs Illinois. Both real nice stadiums IMO...


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Been to Foxborough for a Revolution game their first season...I too impressed by it. I thought it was too much of a pain in the butt for fans(literally)

I went by RFK Stadium once, was not too impressed either.

Went to the rally at Gillette before the team departed for Super Bowl XXXIX and loved it.


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I've been to three... Gillette, old Foxboro, and whatever they call the stadium in Cleveland. Gillette is by far the best of the bunch, in my opinion.
Gillette Stadium - Preseason 08 against Eagles. Made a full visit of it, getting there early an' all to soak up the atmostphere and the almost finished Patriot Place. Loved it, and loved Boston.

Wembley Stadium - To see the 2 International Series games and got tickets to the Pats/Bucs again this Winter! Really happy with that, hope we stuff 'em big time.


Fenway Park - toured the stadium... does that count? :confused: Anyway suffice to say I've been converted. Watched the latter half of last season when I got back from the US and this season of course. Upset over the Game 7 defeat, but must admit we can do it this year. Gotta say Pedroia is my favourite player.

Old Trafford - Football/Soccer is my other sporting passion. My entire family support Manchester United so it's sort of a religious journey, much like Foxboro.

Selhurst Park - Soccer stadium...


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I live all the way in Sweden, but I've been at Gillette Stadium, Giants Stadium, Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and Monster Park :]


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Gillette and Ralph Wilson Stadium...I enjoyed both of them because the Patriots won both games...especially the one in Buffalo because it was the 56-10 game on sunday night during the 16-0 season...although the game at Gillette was pretty fun too (vs. Bears in '06)...
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Went to QWest last year for the Pats vs the Seahawks. Had probably the best seats I will ever get to sit in for the rest of my life (lower bowl - 50 yard line).
Going to Landshark Stadium this December for the Pats vs Fins. Have decent seats for that one.


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Dolphin- stadium or whatever they call it these days "meh" take it or leave it.

Arrowhead- Very cool stadium not the greatest in the world but great gameday before the game during and after. (by the way that was the game that sent the pats on their way to 3 super bowls ie Adam missed the feild goal pats miss playoffs Carol fired and BB arives the rest is history!)


Good question ... unfortunately have not been to many.

Left NE area in '74.

Went to the OLD Shaefer Stadium before I moved to ATL - would love to see a game in Gillette!

Atlanta's old Fulton County Stadium - a baseball venue where they played football before the Dome was built. Hated it, not suited for football.

Have been to the Georgia Dome/Atlanta - I hate domes.

Jacksonville's Altel Stadium - okay - had nosebleed seats, felt like I was watching the game from another part of Jacksonville!!

The old Giants Stadium ... okay. I'm sure the new one is better.


I have been to the old Foxboro stadium. A lot of great memories there.
Gillette Stadium - Nice upgrade from the old stadium, not much to add that hasn't been said.
Giants Stadium - I have been here a few times, nice place to watch a game, easy in and out of the stadium
Alltell (Jacksonville) - This is another nice place to watch the game, but the fan base is nowhere in our class in terms of the tailgate experience.


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Metrodome in Minneapolis - It's ok, nothing to write home about.
Gillette Stadium - Had a great time. The rest, you guys already know.
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just 2...... foxboro and old candlestick park. the stick was quite an experience. the stadium was nothing to write home about but i got to see 94 nfc title game. saw the pats take a bunch of beatings in foxboro when i was a kid. i live up in bangor now so i don't get back to boston much anymore


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Foxboro, loved those metal benches. Gillette, nice looking too quite.
Ralph Wilson, nice design seems small and intimate but holds 70,000,also not a good place for an obnoxious PATS fan...LOL
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I've had the privlegde of going to RFk probably the loudest stadium I have Ever been too..Ravens, Heinz Field sloppy field play way to many events there. Lincoln in Philly.. Great seats everywhere makes you feel right on top of the game.. Great exits back to the hwys!!! Fed-ex,old Dallas stadium,new one coming up but I don't know.. 60 dollars for a 20 inch pizza??? Nah


Been to a few....

Sullivan Stadium....(Havent made Gillette yet) maybe next season!
Oakland Alameda Complex....It sucks bad!
Candlestick Park....Had season tickets for two years.
Rose Bowl......Super Bowl XXI....Awesome stadium!
Louisiana Super Dome (every year and every game since I can remember)

My goal is 1 Saints away game every year in a different Stadium.

Soldier Field - NFC Championship (06' Season)
Georgia Dome (07' Season)
Heinz Field (07' Season Bengals vs Steelers)
Raymond James Stadium (08' Season)

I hope to go to see the Panthers Stadium this season on January 3rd.

My dreams include going to Lambeau Field, Foxboro/Gillette or whatever it's called now and then I want to continue to make one away game until I've been to all of the Stadiums. I will be 55 years old by the time this happens so I may need to increase it to 2 or 3 eventually.


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Wembley stadium - (International Series 09)

Not managed Gilette Stadium yet, but I have it on my list.