NFL Stadiums - Which ones have you been to?

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Well i was yesterday's game between the Giants and Dolphins (boo! :) ) at Wembley Stadium so does that count?
I actually prefer watching games from home...Nothing like my warm house, free drinks and my Lazy Boy...But, I have been to the Browns old Stadium and Riverfront..Also was at Ohio Stadium.


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Foxboro Stadium... No matter how good Gillette is, and I go there too, nothing will top being at Foxboro for the snow bowl with the Raiders
Lincoln Financial (philly).. Not bad overall. Easy to get to and very easy to enter the stadium. Urse hool fans and lousy beer selections though


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I've seen the Patriots at 3 stadiums

-Foxboro (old) many times, never been to the Razor

-Meadowlands many times. Someone is always willing to part with their tickets because the Jets suck.

- Shea Stadium. Went to a game on the late 70s. Only thing I recall at this point was that some birdbrain came up with the idea of having a model airplane display (the buzzing gas powered things) at halftime, and one of them hit and killed a fan.

I've been to several other stadiums, but not for the Patriots

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Husky Stadium in Seattle (when the Kingdome was blown up) Typical college stadium - loud and a great place to watch a game.
Q'West Field - lots of people love it out here on the west coast. It is nice, hate the field turf - loud, tonnes of amenities. Am so excited that the Pats are out here for an exhibition next summer. My first opportunity to see the Patriots live. I live approx. 2 hours to the north, just over the Cdn. border. The bottom bowl is super close to the action. The upper bowl has rows and rows of seats I believe 50 rows from the start of the upper bowl to the very top. Saw Bledsoe throw the Cowboys game away last year.

Hey man ,,,I'm the number one Pats fan from Vancouver??


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RCA Dome for several games including last seasons AFCCG (Stadium is small, not much leg room, concourses are not very wide, very few restrooms, getting in and out of the stadium is pretty easy, decent selection of food and drinks. The replay screen looks smaller then my 52 inch Plasma in my basement. Hopefully all these shortcomings are corrected when the new stadiums opens in 2008.

Busch Stadium - St. Louis Cardinals and Dallas back before the Colts moved to Indy, I was a Dallas fan, Dallas won 24-7. I was probably only 12 at the time.
As a young lifetime socal pat fan(and we have it the hardest with all the dumb ass charger and raider fans) I went to qualcomm stadium last year for the dvisional playoff game against the charger it was a dream come true but that is one nasty stadium man ill only go to see pats play but that's it. It always tickled me how caldwell couldn't catch a cold in sd but caught a big 40+ yard catch in that playoff game it was so awesome but then again he killed us in the afc championship


PATS GAMES (Record):
Gillette Stadium (4-2) - love having a stadium away from the city, much like a college game; night games are great to watch
Giants Stadium (3-0) - Pats 2nd home, hard to dislike it :)
FedEx Field (0-1) - surprisingly poor venue for its age
Bank of America Stadium (1-1)- great night-game experience
Georgia Dome (1-0) - VERY loud, atmosphere like an NBA game
Heinz Field (1-1) - great football atmosphere, fans may be annoying
Cleveland Browns Stadium (1-0) - not too different from a lot of new stadiums
Lincoln Financial Field (1-0) - best stadium I've been to (fans, another story)
Dolphin Stadium (0-1) - great Pats fans representation ruined by 0-21

ALLTEL Stadium -not a bad seat in the house
Qualcomm Stadium - went to Padres games ages ago, can't remember much

This year I added:

Texas Stadium (1-0) - dingy, out in the middle of nowhere, nice fans though
M&T Bank (1-0) - fans were not pleased with the outcome of MNF :)

Next year hoping to add:

Qwest Field (Seattle)
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i've been to them all.. not really but that would be a cool thing to try to do in a few years span

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Steelers fan here.

Hienz Field - Hate the Ketchup bottles in the endzone but the atmosphere is awesome.
Three Rivers - Old Stadium but the bowl kept the noise in and it rocked.
Giants Stadium, both for Giants and Jets games, Giants fans sit on their hands all game, Jets fans smoke weed in the spiral stairways at halftime.
Veterans Stadium...Eagles fans...nuff said.
Ralph Wilson Stadium...Bills fans pee in the sinks at halftime if its too crowded in the bathroom, nasty.
Dallas Stadium. Dallas fans are so pompous, especially for being in a freaking wharehouse like atmosphere, place is a hole.
Going to Tennessee in 08.

College Stadiums I've been to, Syracuse, Old Pitt Stadium, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Rutgers, and Arkansas. Heading to ND in 08.


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I've been to Gilette Stadium once...but the Pats lost to the Chargers then (in the Regular season), so i never went poster was bad lol
it was : diffuse the CHRGRS (cuz i didnt have enough room to write the whole name)


Old Foxboro - well not exactly nice...

Giants Statium (Jets): Lame but functional

Gillette (current): very nice stadium but still in the middle of nowhere...


The old Sheaffer Staduim (Is that spelled right?)

Nose bleed bleecher like seats on a cold December loss to Baltimore Colts.


Well..... been to Schaeffer/Sullivan twice, but only for rock concerts. Saw the Pats once at Fenway and twice at BC, if that counts!! ;)



I saw my first game in 96 at the Kingdome, Seahawks vs Vikings. I have been to Quest Field a dozen times. The only other NFL stadium i have been to is Sun Devil Stadium in 03 (Panthers vs Cards). I'm going to candlestick this year to see the Pats play the Niners. The only college stadium i've been to is Husky Stadium at UW. It was awesome.