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Nov 29th

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My diagnosis:
“Next contract” and “ scorned lover” syndromes consumed his every fiber and he ended up in a dark place when it became clear to him that NE would not be part of his future despite past heroics


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It's amazing that he held onto that ball, even after Hightower almost knocked it out of his hands. He drops that ball and it's beastmode time and history is changed.
If I ever see Butler, I'll convey my appreciation.


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Why did BB bench?


Sorry, but...



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Immediately after the Super Bowl, it would have been fair to wonder if Butler’s 2017 season had cost him tens of millions of dollars. It’s obviously a lighter subject now that we know he got paid for his 2016 performance in spite of 2017.


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We'll know what really happened to Epstein before we know why Butler was benched.

Then again, I will always summarize Butler's NFL legacy by "MALCOM, GO!"

And nothing else. Wait.... If you're really caught up in SB52, then it's...

"MALCOM, DON'T GO" - sorry had to lmao.


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Malcolm should be eternally grateful to BB. He made a few millions in NE and signed a life changing contract with the Titans.

If he was drafted by any other team, chances are (big chances) he wouldn't make past his 1st training camp.
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