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Oct 25th

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Malcolm Butler:
2 Super Bowl Rings
Pro Bowler
League best defense this year when Gilmore was out and Butler was the #1 corner.

Offense scored enough tonight to win. The defense would have been much better with Butler tonight.

We lost the freaking SuperBowl because Malcolm Butler didn't play.



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I am so pissed right now.
The offense scored enough to win and the defense missed Butler's coverage and tackling skills.

This defense will SUCK next year without Butler. Basically the defense you saw tonight or in Sept, without Butler

and imagine how much the offense would have scored if we would have had some stops.


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Tackling was a huge problem, but that 3rd and 12 conversion and the first TD were given up by Rowe. It was more than tackling that was the problem.

If the reports are true that Malcom was benched the entire game for being a day late cuz of the flu... That would be letting ego get in the way of winning the superbowl. That is the exact opposite of "doing what is best for the team". If* the reports are true, maybe it is time for BB to hang them up.
@Mr.Kraft @cmasspatsfan @CheekyDave Which statement in this post did y'all actually disagree with? The first paragraph is fact. Do you all really think that if the reports are true, benching Butler was "doing what's best for the team"? If so, LMAO.

If you believe the reports aren't true, which I never claimed they were, then your disagreement has nothing to do with the post. The only rational disagreement that can be made is that even if the reports are accurate, then you disagree with the idea that it couldn't possibly be time for BB to hang them up. That's understandable, but probably justifies an explanation rather that a full disagreement of the entire post, which was mostly factual.


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We should wait for the reports. That said, if that's the reason why Belichick did that, he should be fired. Because that's a decision that was a direct reason for costing this team another Lombardi. He's supposed to do what's in the best interest of the team and that's not whats in the best interest of the team.

I have a feeling this is a case of B.B. putting himself and his authority above the best interest of the team.

Today I really felt the team let Brady down. This team doesn’t deserve him.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
Just checked back. Yes, Butler was the starting CB in pregame warmups. This was a very, very late switch based on something they saw between then and kickoff.



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Bill and his fixkin ego screwed the team. If I was a player I would lose all respect for this man. Absolutely unforgivable call on his part for benching butler from and x and o standpoint.


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This is going to be an unpopular opinion and i know I'm going to get blasted for these comments, but IDGAF. If Butler was benched for running his mouth and not buying into the Patriot way then I will say this. The core reason the system works is because the players are all in. They are hungry every year. Look at the other recent SB winners. They may have a couple good seasons and then its over. The Pats are knocking on the door every year and have 5 rings because BB does not bend on these beliefs. I couldn't understand it back in the Lawyer Milloy days but after 9 trips to the SB I understand it.

The system works. Period. Does anyone disagree with that? Because if you agree the system works, you can't get emotional over him benching Butler (again, if it was disciplinary move). I don't look at it as losing a ring. I look at it as the system brought us 5 rings and tonight a couple of plays away from 6. Even with 2 very questionable touchdowns. BB is not giving away your ring by making that move, he's ensuring rings will keep coming.


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seriously what?

what did pederson do that was miles better then what bb did? I think you might have been drinking the collinsworth juice a little bit too much. Both coaching staffs sucked tonight.

You have to be kidding right? Did you, watch this game? Did they bench their #2 corner for some BS power trip? Went for and won every key down / trick play. Pathetic to defend any of this! TB suffers under this crap.


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You don't bench your starting CB who has won 2 rings and made a pro bowl, who carried the league's best defense when a Gilmore was out hurt
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