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Oct 25th

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The puzzling part is......he was part of the game day roster (46). The..."We're going to dress you....but refuse to play you" strategy makes no sense.
When are the 46 announced?
Could Butler have done something after this reporting deadline?


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Wow. We CLEARLY have a bunch of fair weather fans on here. While I don’t agree (don’t know the true reason) with the Butler benching, you guys are going way overboard. FWIW, it’s amazing BB/TB are able to get to SBs with horrific defenses. I’m still proud to call BB my coach.
Brady gets there with horrific defenses. Brady takes less money to have good defenses. BB is riding his coat tails.


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it would have been garbage with him. One guy can't fix that cluster****.

For someone who thinks that DefenseRules, your understanding of how a defense changes when you take out a player like Butler and replace him with someone like Rowe in normal passing situations and Richards in multi-receiver situations leaves everything to be desired..


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Not sure I would blame belichick ..yet

Let this play out...

Unless he called that trick play, or couldn't get a third down stop

Those lost the game IMHO


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Belechick cut a guy before the Superbowl.

He's an ******* and frankly only gets away with it cause of Brady.

What a dink to not let a guy play in a game after being there all season. It' a move that would cost anyone else their job but not when you have Brady scoring 3 straight tds to bail you out and make it look closer than it really was

And im not even a butler guy.


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I am so pissed right now.
The offense scored enough to win and the defense missed Butler's coverage and tackling skills.

This defense will SUCK next year without Butler. Basically the defense you saw tonight or in Sept, without Butler


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This came late enough that I think it had to have been based on warmups. Maybe Butler just wasn’t where he needed to be physically. Recovering from an illness like that isn’t always a steady improvement.


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it would have been garbage with him. One guy can't fix that cluster****.

Disagreed. He brought chemistry to the team. He is also one of their best tacklers. It was a close game so one play here and there that gives the offense more time or one more possession in this game is huge. You can't say it won't make a difference. It'd better be something serious that he got benched.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
Mike ReissESPN Staff Writer
Just caught up with a very emotional Malcolm Butler, alongside Adam Schefter. "They gave up on me. F—. It is what it is," Butler told us.
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