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Dec 6th

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Anyway I signed up, around late 2013, and never exactly posted on here until now. I never have time to post on message boards anyway. So I know, I am going to get a lot of grief but yes it's true I am a Yankees, Patriots, Bruins fan. Why is that you say? I'm actually from Providence, RI, and grew up watching the Yankees dominate the MLB, and watching the Patriots start to become a powerhouse around 95 when I first got into football. Bruins of course just because of generations of that team being passed down to me. Anyway went to college at UConn, ended up Boston University for grad school, and then ended up moving to Ratbirds/Oreos country for a job about 8 years ago. The amount of grief I catch in this city explaining myself and my favorite teams is pretty amusing. I get called bandwagoner, frontrunner, and lover of cheaters. Sorry but I love winners, it's infectious, and I can't help it! Anyway look forward to posting on here!
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