Goodell Freaks out---must watch this

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Sep 27th

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Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
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Man I love these clips.

Now I anticipate what the lady will say to the crying girl.

"Don't worry the Bears will be good next year" hahaha

Heir Goodell....... Blount .......

Gwedd Supporter Supporter
I so love these. At the end of the year, there ought to be a collection of all of them, one, at least, for every game the Patriots play.


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I once saw that the producers wanted to stop people using this clip. I can't imagine better marketing for a show than having a clip becoming such a popular meme. These things are genius.
I agree. I wasn't aware of this film until these memes came out years ago. It's actually quite good and worth watching. Unlike some others, I don't think it puts Hitler in a sympathetic light; quite the contrary, it demonstrates how pathetic and petty he had become at the end...a far cry from the supposed strongman he was for 11 years before that.

PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter
I don't want to jinx anything...but the 4--0 version would be priceless...of course, the producer would have to jump ahead and have Hitler take cyanide at the end...

...throws salt over shoulder and knocks on wood


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You have inspired me, here is my version. Some similarities in the beginning but veers off in a different direction.

WTG Dude. This one was better than the OP IMO.

"Pro Bowlers in Jr. College" line had me on the floor...LMFAO


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Is anyone treating these to the NFL and Goodell, its a little wasted if he's not watching them :)
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