First Quarter Of The Season

2020 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: at Seahawks
Pick Results: NE: 49.5% at SEA: 50.5%
Sep 20th

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I like the first 4 games as a good mix to see where the team stands and if it can start fast.
2 homes games against weak teams.
Both also have bad defenses. So if the strong defense carries over from last year we have 2 games that a young QB can game manage and we win in the 17-10 range like a lot of last years wins.
Then on the road, we play a defense that was poor last year (22nd in points, 26th in yards, 24 + points in 12 games) in Seattle. That is also a style of defense that our style of offense has matched up well with.
Finally the quarter ends in KC in a great test for a great defense vs a great offense and a young growing offense vs a defense that is historically weak.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I think it'll be a 0-4 start - they just can't compete any more.
No wait, there's always a WTF game even for other teams, so a 1-3 start.
However, this is a BB coached team, they'll surprise at least one other team, it'll be 2-2.
On second thought, they're going to sneak up on people given no one knows what to expect and no one is better at "no time to prepare" that COVID gives us, 3-1.
Naah, ^%$# it, they're going to win, and win a lot 4-0.

I love prognostication. It's so frickin' easy.

Hyped Supporter Supporter
I love getting the two big roadies out of the way early on.

Vegas has the Patriots as a favorite/underdog by a field goal or less for 14 of their games. Only @ SEA and @K.C. are -4 and -8.5 respectively.

Nonetheless, I expect 2-2 at MINIMUM.

Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
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I'm looking forward to it. We'll have a good defense and a good special teams. Our offense will make us or break us. It's going to be a fun season.

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I think it’s going to be a fun brand of football to watch and will become a team you want to root for.

Nunchucks Supporter Supporter
I'm looking forward to it. We'll have a good defense and a good special teams. Our offense will make us or break us. It's going to be a fun season.
They will truly be an underdog who nobody believes in, this is the formula that they build a dynasty with.

A Defiant Goose

In the Starting Line-Up
Honestly at this point I just wanna win the divisional games. It's not about the 1 seed anymore with this team, a lot now hinges on winning the division if we wanna make the playoffs

Ochmed Jones

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I think the teams we play in the first quarter of the season will expect our offense to be run heavy. Therefore, defenses will load the box and force stidham to prove that he can throw for first downs.
It is important our offense can stay on the field because all defenses get tired regardless of how good they are!

Should be an interesting year, if they get to play any games!