Brady gone

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Sep 20th

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I never pay attention to Volin--like, at all--but just seeing his tweets pop up on the right here, it's just one little negative remark after another. Weird.
Volin's an ass clown. No reason to expect anything but ass clown behavior from him


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Look at the schedule next season and look at how BB is awful at drafting WR and TE and tell me who this team is going to beat to get more that 5 wins. Buffalo and Miami are better teams than the pats. Jets are probably not but who knows now?
Ahhhh. The tried and true paper forecast. Always so right, and never so wrong. Why John, can’t you see it? This team did this, and that team did that, and the Pats haven’t. Done. Crap! The season is over. It’s doomed, we’re done. Never mind that we still have an entire offseason ahead of us (this one hasn’t technically started yet). :rolleyes:

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I just logged online and saw the news.

Helluva thing to wake up to.

At least it's St Patrick's day, so I can add some Jameson to my morning coffee. I'm gonna need it. :(


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This will be the biggest mistake of Brady's career. He will never find success or even get a sniff at another Super Bowl with either the Chargers or Buccaneers. He should have just retired. This is not going to end well for Tom.
No, it will not. People think this is Manning 2.0. It’s more Jordan on the Wiz. Glimpses of greatness.


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I have to admit I am kind of pissed off at both sides!!!!

Be prepared for some trades people as sh*ts about to hit the fan.

Rebuild here we come!!

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simply cannot pony up 50M+ to a 43 year old.......better to tank for 1 year than for 3......the broncos still have not recovered from their manning episode
I’m sure Elway is crying in his sleep hugging his extra Super Bowl trophy and AFC Championship trophy.


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Sell off all assets, tank, and retrench. Try to take a shot at Lawrence. Thanks for the memories, Tom. I wish you well in whatever uniform you wear and hope you can get #7 (unless it’s at the expense of the Patriots, which I doubt it will be). On to the next page. Time for BB to prove he can win without #12 behind center.


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I wish Brady nothing but fair skies, smooth seas and a following wind. Except OFC when/if he plays against the Pats. Nothin' but love for the guy.

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All of you who wanted this hope you enjoy our .500 season.
The simple fact of the matter is, with an unreconstituted Brady leading this team, this season would merely be a repeat of last season. Oh, sure, we might win 10-12 games (maybe), but the post-season would be one-and-done.

We have to move on from Brady. I know the pickings are slim right now, but for the first time in a generation the team has to think for itself. I've always had faith in that guy who coaches the team, and I'm sure he'll figure out how to do this.


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The Packers won a super bowl after Farve

The Broncos won a super Bowl after Elway.

The Giants won 4 super bowl with 3 different QBs.

The Steelers won 2 super bowls after Bradshaw.

The Chiefs won a Super Bowl after Dawson.

The 49ers won a super bowl after Montana.

The Redskins, Cowboys, Raiders, Ravens did it too.

There is life post HOF QB leaving.

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I have to admit I am kind of pissed off at both sides!!!!

Be prepared for some trades people as sh*ts about to hit the fan.

Rebuild here we come!!
No rebuild. Seems clear what BB is doing. He’s trying to make an old fashioned football team for today’s age carried by a strong secondary, a solid offensive line and a running game, with a caretaker QB. We’ll see if it works.


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I love the dude, but this is best for both sides. Bad tight ends and wr/rookies combined with Dante retiring looked like a rough upcoming season for Brady. Plus he is old so I have prepared for this. I am a patriot fan above any player.

I wish him the best unless he stays in the division. If he goes to the Dolphins I will turn on him hard lol.


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Somewhere on this cold New England morning sits a very happy man in a cut off hoody.


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Would you believe them if in 2003 a time traveller told you that in the year 2020, Tom Brady would finally leave, we have a global pandemic and Donald trump from the apprentice is the president?


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Fell I little sad, but the writing was on the wall
We had the greatest dinasty of the sport and so many incredible moments, but it has to end at some point.
Wish TB the best wherever he goes