Bold Prediction: Super Bowl Rematch

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Sep 27th

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They just lost alex okafor for the season. He was arguably their best pass rusher.
Losing Okafor definitely hurts. But Cam Jordan is their best pass rusher. Hendrickson, Kikaha, and Rankins also put decent pressure on the QB. I only live ten minutes from the Superdome, so I know the Saints strengths and weaknesses pretty well by watching all their games. Their team is plenty deep enough to overcome Okafor's injury.


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Their inexperience likely won’t be enough for the saints to win on the road. The saints on offense are too one dimensional, relying heavily on ingram and kamara, while Philly’s run D is excellent. Also, the saints receivers are not great outside of michael thomas.
When you call the Saints "one dimensional", are you inferring you don't think they can beat the Eagles by throwing the ball? If anything, the running game has kept Brees and his receivers relatively healthy for this time of year. They have relied heavily on the run because the majority of their opponents have not shown the ability to stop it. They can most certainly beat a team by throwing the ball. That's how they came back in the 4th quarter to be Washington in overtime.


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I would love minnesota. Playing in their home stadium won’t help them that much. Pats will just treat it as any other road game.
I have to agree with this viewpoint. The Super Bowl tickets are distributed enough around the league that it wouldn't come close to a true home game feeling.


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There is really nothing bold about predicting the Patriots to go to the SB at this point. I'd imagine most would put that at 50/50 odds.

But, the Falcons look like a team looming and ready to put it together. Talented teams that underperform early in the season then get it together in November and December are dangerous.
Atlanta's defense is a big step better than it was last year. The offense hasn't really put it together yet, but all the pieces are there and they seem to be figuring it out. When you get to the playoffs, playing like a good offense THEN is much more important that what you played like over the course of an entire season. This offense has clearly been limited by transition and coaching, not talent, and adjusting to a new OC can take time.

They are 2 games behind the Saints and have 2 left with them, and I see a good chance they can sweep them.
They will also face Minnesota and Carolina. They will get battle tested over the next 6 weeks with little room for error and if they come through that they will be playoff ready.

The negative is that they were an 11-5 2 seed last year and the 1 was a fraud.
Getting to the 2 seed may be tough, even if they run the table and at 11-5 again, it seems unlikely.

Honestly, I would root against a rematch if they get from here to the NFCCG because they will be on a huge roll.
6-10 or 7-9.

They play the Bucs twice, who have far superior players.



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And this time I DID remember your post (prediction). :). But as you noted -- and I agree -- injuries will sink the putrid fowls chances to get back to the big show.

As far as the Patriots*? If we get #1 seed go ahead and punch that ticket. If we get #2 then I'm guessing 60/40 in favor. If we unexpectedly slip to a non bye PO position then it's on the more notably unfavorable side of 50/50. (( *injuries are always a wildcard))

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As far as the Patriots*? If we get #1 seed go ahead and punch that ticket. If we get #2 then I'm guessing 60/40 in favor. If we unexpectedly slip to a non bye PO position then it's on the more notably unfavorable side of 50/50. (( *injuries are always a wildcard))
With the exception of the Steelers, who still have a chance to get that offense on track, I look at every other AFC team as having little more than the "any given Sunday" chance against the Patriots, come playoff time (though, as you say, injuries are always a wildcard).

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There's context that's important here.

He told me the other day that the Raiders had far superior players than the Chargers right now. I thought I'd go ahead give an equally preposterous example
Gotcha. I'm staying out of that one!

With that said the Chargers have a ton of talent on D.


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Still plenty of time for a team to kick it into high gear and start playing their best football as well as plenty of time for teams to start dropping off. I always take notice of the team that plays midling then better then their best/hot as the season ends. (though it's predictive value is questionable).

With that said, while the Patriots are already quite hot -- they still have plenty of room for improvement -- I trust the Patriots more than any 2017 team out there to be able to step into the playoffs and immediately! start playing their best football. There isn't another AFC team I can say the same about. And, IMHO, only the Saints strike me as that NFC team (which can change).

As far as the doubt about Philly? They have a leading and notable 132 Point Differential with a very good Points Allowed total (if not for the Jags, Philly would be in ear shot of the least PA). Factoids: best PD and best PA are relatively fair SB predictors. No not a lock by any means but from an odds standpoint is in the likelier than not category. Unfortunately to prove the uncertainty of this stat, a certain year with a certain team with a certain laughably absurd PA of 300+ did not win the SB. :mad:


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Should be a good SB matchup regardless of team the Patriots play. Speaking of matchups, has anyone looked at the primetime games for week 12? saythe least.


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This is a huge if, because I just keep waiting for something to change, but:

IF Case Keenum's play doesn't fall off. I really think the Vikings could be the team that makes it.

That is a very big if, though. I'm still waiting to see a Brian Hoyer type playoff performance from him where it all unravels.