BC's Andre Callender on the rise

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In the Starting Line-Up

Andre Callender, Boston Coll.: Callender wasn't invited to the combine but got the NFL's attention with a 4.45 40-yard dash at Boston College's pro day. Scouts who stuck around to watch tape discovered a sticky-fingered receiver who could become a third-down back in the NFL. Callender caught 138 career passes, tops on this draft board. He also rushed for almost 3,000 career yards.
Probably everyone was scouting Ryan and thinking, "Who is this guy making all the plays?"


In the Starting Line-Up
I can't remember who they were playing (either Florida State, Notre Dame, Clemson, or Miami), but I thought Callender was among the best offensive players on the field that day. He ran well, scored at least one or two TD's, and made a number of key receptions.

I've personally wondered why nobody talks about him, but I haven't really said much about him either...

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He's a much better receiver than he is a runner. I used to think he was terrible in his first 3 years at BC because he would mostly run the ball in Tom O'brien's BLAND offense.

75 or so of those catches came last year under Coach Jags' pro style offense. He was one of the few bright spots at receiver for BC, the other one being TE Ryan Purvis. I definitely think hes worth drafting in the later rounds because I could see him becoming a legit third down back.
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