Agholor received IV today

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Sep 20th

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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Nelson Agholor received an IV Saturday morning after feeling sick with " flu-like symptoms."

Rapoport goes on to say Agholor is "feeling better" and should be "fine" for Sunday.


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There’s two strains of flu going on right now, the most common strain is lasting 7-10 days. The flu hits everyone differently but it has been worse this year. The lungs will typically fill with some amount of fluid causing crackly lungs and a wet cough, the alveolar sacks will also tend to be fluid filled leading to increased temperatures and decreased gas exchange. An IV is only going to help with dehydration, it won’t make the lungs better, only lots of coughing, deep breathing and an incentive spirometer will help with that. Tylenol can help with temperatures and general aches but endurance and stamina during the game tomorrow should still be a huge issue for anyone who still has the flu. Increased activity will only exacerbate symptoms.

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Regardless of strain the flu on average kills 35,000 Americans each year and 400-700,000 people worldwide. I have nothing against Agholor but pooping his pants on the field would be mildly entertaining. Maybe our Janet Jackson moment?
I agree. As long as he lives that would be funny. :p