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Sep 20th

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I'd be beyond shocked if that happened. Not expecting it even a little. Would be one of the more impressive SB wins of all time if we did pull it off though. Let's win the first one first.
For it to happen, Meyers and Sanu need to get their act together and stop dropping easy passes. Dorsett needs to be a credible threat deep to give Edelman some breathing room underneath. Harry needs to haul in some jump balls at red zone and do more sweeps. OL and TEs need to work like they did in Bills and last few games and give us a 4.5 ypc and 25-30 carries for 120-140 yards to take pressure off Brady and help the pass game open up in the process. And LaCosse and Watson need to give us 2-3 catches each to pretend we have TEs in pass game. And defense needs to hold teams to 20 max.

hmmmmm..... a tall order.

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If this happens would be the best ever only after our first Super Bowl win...

Win 4 games...awesome...terrific...

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Definitely a possibility. They've got the tools to do it with. Defense, special teams, BB and Brady. A lot of playoff experience etc...


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