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Nov 29th

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  1. ctpatsfan77

    Semi-OT: What is the most unwatchable type of football game?

    Set aside the question of which teams are playing. What sort of game makes you think "Yuck, this isn't worth watching?"
  2. S

    Air Quality Index in Seattle (update: NFL says it's "monitoring the situation") Right now it's 203. I would think that's unplayable if the game was today. Has to be a huge impact to their practice too. Worth watching...
  3. XLIX

    Baby, it's (going to be) cold outside

    Today will seem like a sauna compared to KC this Sunday. Current forecast is for a low of 3 degrees the night before the game. Sunday itself will warm up all the way to 16 before cooling down to 12 for kickoff. The way-too-early forecast has the weatherfolks watching a potential storm for the...
  4. IcyPatriot

    Game Day Weather Thread

    This one could be fun as the week moves along. I got this for now ... Sunday 01/13 50% / 3-5 in Variable clouds with snow showers. High 33F. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 50%. 3 to 5 inches of snow expected.
  5. patfanken

    Isn't it time we talk about the weather?

    I've read where there is a possibility that Saturday's game could be played under severe weather, and weather can be a great leveler in any football game. If I'm the Titans I'm thrilled with the prospect of playing the Pats under severe weather conditions. The best part of the Titans offense...
  6. Joey007

    The last time we played the Titans in January...

    About 14 years ago now! Think this game is one that often gets forgotten about in terms of memorable playoff wins during the BB Brady era. C-O-L-D
  7. N

    "thermometer gate"

    screwing with the Jete.. Did the Patriots just start Thermometergate with the Jets? harmless fun to get in their heads.
  8. Tunescribe

    Jete game will be c-c-c-c-cold!

    Forecast HIGH of 14 degrees, winds at 12 mph. d%#*[email protected], it seems the older I get the harder it is to stay warm at these things. Sunday I bundled up pretty heavily and still got chilled -- was outdoors about six hours including tailgating. No tailgating next week, that's a given, but cannot miss...
  9. FortressX

    Maybe some Rain & Wind Sunday Game time vs Chargers

    Big storm coming, but when will it hit ? Powerful Coastal Storm Could Bring Damaging Winds, Flooding Rainfall to the Northeast Starting This Weekend | The Weather Channel
  10. B

    Patriots control the weather

    I might have been mistaken but I thought I was watching a football game last night and not the new box office smash hit Geostorm. Julio Jones: 'Crazy' That Patriots Shot Off Fireworks Despite Foggy Conditions "“It didn’t affect me, but it’s crazy though, like, they score and they shoot...