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Nov 29th

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  1. Ian

    2021 Pro Bowl Cancelled - Game to Be Played "Virtually"

    Another interesting bit of news - although we've discussed what's wrong with this game in the past and how the league needs to address it: But obviously given everything that's going on, not...
  2. kmac14

    When and why....

    did a turnover lead to the defensive unit running to the end zone to pose for the cameras become a thing? Please stop doing that!
  3. Ian

    Denver Game Rescheduled

    Per Schefter:
  4. ctpatsfan77

    Semi-OT: What is the most unwatchable type of football game?

    Set aside the question of which teams are playing. What sort of game makes you think "Yuck, this isn't worth watching?"
  5. kmac14

    Pats Fifth Quarter

    Anybody else notice that during the Pats Fifth Quarter broadcast that when Christian Fauria was featured in the background there were two guys in Patriots jerseys tossing a football and one had the jersey number 11 and the other had the jersey number 21? Just a coincidence that the final score...
  6. Ian


    Please feel free to post threads with anything you’re watching that you think we should check out, whether it’s something you’re binge-watching, a good special, etc. I was going to do a thread in the Pub but figured here people can just do a quick post instead of a mega-thread. With the...
  7. V

    Why is there a NFC game on CBS

    This is weird. It's like the old days
  8. ctpatsfan77

    Tim Conway has passed away

    Those of a certain age will remember him from The Carol Burnett Show and other TV shows. In a cast full of great comedians, he might have been the best. He was 85.
  9. Actual Pats Fan

    R.I.P., Peggy Lipton (August 30, 1946 – May 11, 2019)

    So if you were a guy growing up in the Sixties and you liked girls she had to be on, like, your top ten list or something...
  10. Deus Irae

    Doris Day dead at 97 EDIT: And now Tim Conway, too

    Doris Day, actress who honed wholesome image, dies at 97 Another legend has passed
  11. maust1013

    GoT Season 8

    Unfortunately while the forum does allow unlimited voting, it doesn't allow unlimited choices. Limited to 10 choices I went with a combination of the character's story arc setting up the right time for a characters potential end as well as how much the character's loss would diminish the...
  12. T

    Luke Perry has died (RIP)

    Luke Perry Dead at 52, 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Star Didn't Recover After Stroke Not sure any of you guys watched him on 90210 growing up, but this is a shocker.
  13. KontradictioN

    True Detective - Season 3

    Just starting to get caught up on this. I finished episode 3 last night. I was supremely impressed with season 1, thought season 2 stunk out loud, and have been very impressed with season 3 thus far. I'm usually pretty good at formulating theories about these shows, but this one has me all...
  14. jmt57

    Week 15 NFL Games, with TV Maps via 506 Sports

    In case any out of town fans were wondering, you are in luck this week as long as you don't live in the SF/Oakland bay area. Red: New England at Pittsburgh; Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Gray: NO GAME due to local home game on FOX In case anybody is interested, here's the rest. This is the first week...
  15. Joey007

    ESPN. Expert Analysis Right Here.

    My God. You can’t make this stuff up. Look at the look on Tedy’s face. :D
  16. FortressX

    The Great NFL Heist: How Fox Paid for and Changed Football Forever

    Very long article. The Great NFL Heist: How Fox Paid for and Changed Football Forever
  17. PatsWickedPissah

    506 Game Maps for 9 December Week 14 2018

    Piss me off. In only part of FL where Pats game blanked out. Bucs blackout at 1PM 506 Sports - NFL Maps: Week 14, 2018
  18. M

    Peyton Mannings "Detail" on ESPN

    Has anyone seen the new Peyton Manning segment "Detail" on ESPN? It is just a short segment of him doing analysis. I just watched one of a Baker Mayfield play. I was shocked at how terrible he was at doing it. I don't know I would have though with all his humor, hosting experience...
  19. Joey007

    SNF Michael Jordan Promo For Packers at Patriots:

    SNF Michael Jordan Promo For Next Week: Here we go.... are we really going to paint a picture of this game as if whoever wins it is considered the GOAT? Give me a break.
  20. Joey007

    NFL SNF Flex Update:

    I’ll take that matchup over watching the 49ers minus Jimmy.