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  1. M

    An EXCELLENT link for those who try to use the Pats play in a weak AFCE

    The Myth of the Easy AFC East, the Definitive Guide | Patriots Dynasty "Since Bill Belichick took over as coach of the New England Patriots, the team has gone on an incredible run. As it stands right now they don't have a losing record against any team in the NFL. In fact outside of the...
  2. M

    Easiest Division? Check. Easiest Conference? Check. Easiest Schedule? ranked 32nd toughest. Check

    Yeah baby.
  3. DarrylS

    Patriots have the NFL's easiest schedule 3rd year in a row??

    As Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins continue to flounder, a Washington Post sports scribe came up with the idea of using a metric of projected point spread in the 2019 season to determine the difficulty of the Patriots Schedule.. all of this before TC, preseason, injuries and roster...
  4. S

    Mythbusting: Patriots benefit from a weak division?

    We hear every year about how the Pats benefit from being in a week division. Let's put it to the test. Reality: Pats in AFC East, 17 seasons with Brady as QB (Excluding 2008) Brady's record vs. AFC East (.790), 16 playoffs, 14 first round byes Buffalo: 30-3 (Regular season record vs. Brady...
  5. nowayback

    Malcolm Butler Mega Thread

    Just not having the kind of year I expected. Is it psychological ? Is he not getting the help with some WR's he used to? Anytime someone caught the ball Saturday I was looking for 21 trailing the play, ok sometimes it was Rowe . Can he turn it around for next games? What about his free agency...
  6. nabwong

    OT: Pittsburgh tv producer fired for Brady “joke”

    Can I have stupid decisions for $1000 Please? TV station fires employee over Tom Brady 'known cheater' graphic
  7. raduray

    When they bring up that the Pats taped practices,...

    ...send them this.
  8. supafly

    Popular myth vs. reality article that addresses some widespread beliefs

    Saw this on ESPN while I was combing their homepage for scores. It covers a nice handful of popular fan theories like whether or not Brady gets more roughing the passer calls than other QBs, if sitting on the timeout in SB49 vs. SEA was on purpose, if Belichick’s choice to go with left footed...
  9. S

    Be honest: Brady’s legacy and another SB loss

    I see some talk here and elsewhere that if the Pats lose on Sunday than it won’t be so bad because then Brady can’t get a 4th SB loss tying the record on this category. The haters (tm) will talk and yuk it up if it happens but I think there is zero impact to his legacy and GOAT status if he...
  10. Wheelman

    The Myth of the Easy AFC East: The Definitive Guide

    The Myth of the Easy AFC East, the Definitive Guide | Patriots Dynasty
  11. P

    Myth: Patriots D benefits from great field position

    There is this take floating out there that a big reason for the Patriots defense's low points allowed total since week 5 of the season is due to having great field position. From a superficial look the point appears to have some merit. The average starting field position of the Patriots' defense...
  12. Nikolai

    Debunking the "AFC East Sucks" Fallacy - More Dumb Numbers (stats)

    I worked on this based on a comment I read on reddit (and addressed there in less detail), which apparently came from some utterance during a MNF broadcast about how the Patriots have feasted on the AFC East, paving the way for their success. Like the cheating accusation or the "luck"...