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  1. doctahwhodat

    Is the site Dog Slow?

    Or No?
  2. Ian

    Patriots Game Day Chat Room (Look Up)

    The link for today's chat is here and should also be at the top of the page:
  3. Ian

    Ignore Thread/User Functions - Requests

    So there isn't a 3rd party Add-on that covers what I'm really looking for based on previous suggestions for the "Ignore Thread" function, which isn't a feature included in the software. The previous version on the old forum worked just OK, but I know there were some issues people had that I...
  4. Ian

    New Feature - Browser Notifications - Please Read (EDIT: Now Active)

    at the bottom of the page, you'll see a notification to allow Push notifications. This new feature works primarily in your browser, allowing you to get notified if someone replies, drops a rating, etc. The way it works is this: If you're in a thread discussing something and open up a tab in...
  5. Ian

    2020 NFL Picks Contest - Quick Heads Up

    I'm working on setting that back up and hope to have it ready for Monday. Had a couple of people ask about it and we're definitely doing it, it was a lot of fun last season. So you'll see an alert on the top navbar just like last year to make your picks. The little toggle in the slideout bar...
  6. Ian

    OT: Reactions - Which ones stay, which ones go?

    The current layout only accommodates the number that we have in place, as any additional ones will cause them to wrap and break the layout on mobile. I know we had a discussion on the previous version about trying to condense these anyway, so I feel like the current number we have is probably a...
  7. Ian

    ANNOUNCEMENT Welcome Back!!

    I apologize for the extended outage. Some of the features of the previous forum were run on a 3rd-party add-on that had 3-million+ rows in it and it required a second import tool that literally ran all day yesterday and through last night. One of which was for the reactions...
  8. Ian

    New Features - Changes and Tutorial

    Time to Go Over Some of the New Board Features: 1) Quick New Thread: There's now a much faster way to post, with the new version of the software now including a window at the top of the forum to quickly post a new thread: As soon as you click into the text window, it expands automatically with...
  9. Ian

    ANNOUNCEMENT Forum Rules and Code of Conduct - UPDATED

    Welcome to our forum. This is a group with a lot of different people with differing opinions. Everyone is welcome to contribute and post here, and it's encouraged. However, please be courteous and just abide by the following: FORUM BEHAVIOR GUIDELINES: 1) Avoid Insults In Making Your Point -...
  10. Ian

    Site Errors - Let me know

    In the middle of working on something today so please let me know if anyone runs into any issues. Either use this thread, or via the contact form: Contact Us | New England Patriots Forums - Patriots Fan Messageboard
  11. S

    OT: login problems

    Anyone else have problems this morning? Glad the board isn’t taking a bye week with the team :D Thanks @Ian for fixing it!
  12. pazrul72

    IOS not staying logged in

    So for about a month now I have to sign in every time I click away from the page on my iPad despite checking the stay logged in button. So if I switch screens to go play a game I log in again, not even closing the browser just not being active on it. At first I thought that must be something new...
  13. Joey007

    OT: I am confused...

    ...That I have not noticed this confused :confused:reaction yet until now. Great addition that I’m sure was specifically designed in response to mosslost polls.
  14. Ian

    Other Forum Top Discussion Bar

    Spent the last week or so going through and putting together a few different options for this and finally decided that the top bar made the most sense and I optimized it for mobile so you can swipe through, etc. This bar will update as new posts are added in another forum, as well as when...
  15. Ian

    Site News RE: OT Threads

    Quick note, off topic threads will each soon have a new home in their own forums. Not that posting occasional off-topic stuff is an issue, but I am going to make things easier on everyone so that they'll be available within the main forum to keep you updated on new posts, etc. That will allow...
  16. Ian

    Site News PatsPicker - 2019 Roster Prediction Tool

    This is updated for anyone who wants to mess around with roster predictions: Pats Picker 2019 Fellow member Matt Monitto does a great job of helping keep the roster updated and it's a fun tool to try and figure out the final 53. Unfortunately, it's not mobile/tablet friendly and I haven't...
  17. Ian

    Site News NEW: Camp Player News and Media Reports

    Just a quick update as I've been working on this for the last few weeks and have it up to date after entering in over 750 entries. Here's a page with news updates from all the media updates from our news feed on every player in camp so far: 2019 Patriots Training Camp - Player News Database...
  18. Boomer B

    Ad changes on the site?

    Is it just me or is there now ads after every 3 to 4 posts as well as on the top and bottom of the page. I’m using my iPhone and wasn’t seeing this many ads before. Incredibly annoying to have ads in between posts. It’s to much. I didn’t mind the ads on the top but in between posts? In this...
  19. TheRainMaker

    Site issues on smartphone / Ad Changes?

    Anybody else see large gaps between posts and that annoying clear bar at the bottom of each page you have to press the x to get rid of it?
  20. fpraven88

    Did the Old PoFo Archives Get Purged?

    As someone that was predominantly a politics poster, my existence around here was curtailed by the closing of the PoFo (a move that I never disagreed with). However, I did find it amusing to read the archives and I keep in close touch with someone I met on there (not sure he wants me...