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  1. G

    I feel like I watched a different game than most of you

    There is a lot of praise for Cam and how the offense performed on here. I feel like I watched a completely different game. - Playing one of the worst teams in the league last year, the offense had 7 points going into halftime, and 14 points through 55 minutes(!), despite the defense getting...
  2. C

    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    Cam is being set up to fail without credible WR and TE threats. It will be easy for defenses to stack the box and give minimal attention to passing games. No double teams on WRS. I understand that until outputs, BB thought he had no cap to work with. But now there is 35 million available...
  3. M

    Is the worst you felt in the 9 times Pats were 4 and 0?

    1964 - don't remember 1974 - can't totally remember being 4-0 1997 - thought we were a wagon, were going to repeat as AFC Champs, and Bledsoe was on his way to MVP 1999- We collapsed badly after 6-2 first half. 2004 -I was very confident at 4-0, 19 game winning streak at that time. 2007 - Nuff...
  4. P

    Slow Your Roll on the Patriots WRs… There's a Long Way to Go

    Slow Your Roll on the Patriots WRs… There's a Long Way to Go Steve Balestrieri Having Edelman, Gordon, Harry, Thomas, Phillip Dorsett, Jakobi Meyers, et al at the position is certainly cause for optimism, and if it were 2012 Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  5. R

    could we win the SB even if we made it there?

    Don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but best case scenario, we win the divisional playoff and somehow win the AFC championship, could we beat the rams or the saints?
  6. M

    Passing Game - Dorsett and Hogan

    ZERO targets for Dorsett and Hogan?
  7. stcjones

    12/20: Patterson not at practice either; Slater practicing with WRs

    Patterson not at practice today either?! On Zolak show they are reporting Patterson is not at practice either...for unknown reason..and Matthew Slater is working out with the WRs....god let this be wrong!!!:confused:
  8. lurker1965

    No one died - delayed to let someone get over it

    You know how "DO YOUR JOB" had an implied "WELL"? I think "No one died" has an implied "yet." For evidence, I give Russ Goldman. :) You OK yet Russ? We kid because we love.
  9. cupofjoe1962

    Will Gronk be a Patriot in 2019?

    Gronk is my all time favorite Patriot, but I can’t help but wonder if he will be a Patriot in 2019. I want him to be a Patriot next year, but instead of a raise, they may ask him to take a pay cut which may lead to retirement or Gronk being cut. He already threatened retirement when they wanted...
  10. S

    Curran: Bills coming due for Patriots dynasty after this season

    Bill for Pats' dynasty comes due this offseason
  11. cstjohn17

    When will Gordon be in shape?

    Half the time it looks like he is pulling a piano, maybe it is his hammy but I haven't seen much explosion. For such a super freak he has looked more like a big slow WR. Is he still getting in shape? injured? Can we expect to see the ability to separate?
  12. borg

    Patriots TE: Production vs Cost

    Rob Gronkowski Production: 29 catches, 448 yds, 1 TD, 71% offensive snaps, played in 7 of 9 games 2018 Cost: $8 mill salary plus per game bonus totaling no more than $880,000. Other incentives unlikely. 2019 cost: $9 mill salary The new deal includes Gronkowski earning $1 million more in per...
  13. R

    Defensive End Disappointment

    It looks like we have a total of (7) players that play Defensive End for our team and the results so far have been very disappointing for me. I thought it would be a "team strength" but it seems to be, once again, a team weakness. Including recently acquired John Simon (who was the team's best...
  14. VJCPatriot

    Fix our DEFENSE: You're the Coach!

    So what do you do? After the Patriots defense gave up a Superbowl record 41 points and 500+ yards... BB had an entire offseason to fix it however the trend continues into the new season. Texans: 20 points given up, 300+ yards of offense Jaguars: 31 points given up, 450+ yards of offense Lions...
  15. HailHydra

    Wtf happened with Brissett deal?

    Yeah, yeah we all talk about the Garoppolo deal, but how did we lose so poorly on the Brissett deal? Based on reports of the Seahawks offering a 2nd rder for the kid, and the Colts turning it down, makes me think that trading Brissett for Phillip freaking Dorsett is one of the worst trades that...
  16. N

    If the UNTHINKABLE happens, how will 3SB losses affect TB12’s legacy?

    Everyone talks about MJ and JMontana not having lost in the finals which is a stupid argument in my opinion. But having 3SB losses will be red meat for those that wouldn’t want to consider Brady as the ultimate winner.
  17. Chris Stevenson

    Great Win (Obviously)/Fire Romo

    I mean, is this for real. He has Nantz wrapped up too. You don't get paid to openly root for the other team from the second the whistle blows, and then make it so obvious, misleading the viewer. It happened again, just like all year and worse than last week. The Lewis "fumble" was clearly not...
  18. V

    Future of the Franchise?

    I'm guessing Brady has 2 more years left. I'd be surprised if Belichick has more than 2 years left as well. We have gone from having a plan to compete for another 10+ years -- Garropollo and one of McDaniels/Patricia leading the way to Starting over at QB Starting over at HC Starting over at...
  19. nowayback

    Malcolm Butler Mega Thread

    Just not having the kind of year I expected. Is it psychological ? Is he not getting the help with some WR's he used to? Anytime someone caught the ball Saturday I was looking for 21 trailing the play, ok sometimes it was Rowe . Can he turn it around for next games? What about his free agency...
  20. UptownPatsFan