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  1. Triumph

    Bedard does good job reading the tea leaves

    The part of young WRs is spot on. The part about AB is spot on too. NFL Notebook: Tom Brady's views on young WRs fits with his late-career Brady-centric arc, will it factor into his end with NE? | Boston Sports Journal
  2. M

    Can Hoyer ball out if needed?

    or no?
  3. stcjones

    12/20: Patterson not at practice either; Slater practicing with WRs

    Patterson not at practice today either?! On Zolak show they are reporting Patterson is not at practice either...for unknown reason..and Matthew Slater is working out with the WRs....god let this be wrong!!!:confused:
  4. R

    Who are you and what have you done with our beloved patriots?

    This team is completely healthy. Normally when we start losing, it’s because someone is injured but nope we have everyone healthy who’s gotten us to a super bowl in the past. They have so much potential but have not fired on all cylinders at all this year. Maybe Houston wins out and we have to...
  5. Triumph

    Division games are easy but the Bills game is the season.

    The Bills can run and Josh Allen whom the Pats have not faced yet ran the ball a lot at Wyoming. The Bills have actually put in plays where Allen keeps the ball on the ground. The Bills are going to run and run and run after watching the tapes on Miami and Pittsburgh. Unless this NE run D...
  6. Pessimistic Pete

    2009/2018 Patriots: Only BB/Brady era teams with losing road records

    2016 8-0 *Super Bowl Champions* 2007 8-0 *AFC Champions* 2017 7-1 *AFC Champions* 2006 7-1 2011 6-2 *AFC Champions* 2004 6-2 *Super Bowl Champions* 2003 6-2* Super Bowl Champions 2014 5-3 *AFC Champions* 2012 6-2 2010 6-2 2001 5-2 *Super Bowl Champions* 2015 5-3 2005 5-3 2013 4-4 2002 4-4 2018...
  7. lurker1965

    No one died - delayed to let someone get over it

    You know how "DO YOUR JOB" had an implied "WELL"? I think "No one died" has an implied "yet." For evidence, I give Russ Goldman. :) You OK yet Russ? We kid because we love.
  8. Joey007

    Pittsburgh Next

    Really can’t even say “On to Pittsburgh” right now. It’s hard to move on from what we just saw. But I can say that ultimately I think the game will be a tell-all about this team. How they respond will say a lot about what direction this thing is headed.
  9. Tunescribe

    Photo showing Brady's throwing hand

    From the photo taken vs. Vikings after his first-down scramble: Just now noticed the crooked middle finger on his throwing hand. Could just be the photo, but looks like it might've been broken at some point. Interesting.
  10. cupofjoe1962

    Will Gronk be a Patriot in 2019?

    Gronk is my all time favorite Patriot, but I can’t help but wonder if he will be a Patriot in 2019. I want him to be a Patriot next year, but instead of a raise, they may ask him to take a pay cut which may lead to retirement or Gronk being cut. He already threatened retirement when they wanted...
  11. S

    Curran: Bills coming due for Patriots dynasty after this season

    Bill for Pats' dynasty comes due this offseason
  12. Quest4SevenHomie

    Is it even possible for this team to get HFA any longer?

    Based on our remaining road games, is it in the team to crawl and fight their way for those W's? This loss against rhis Titans team really kicked our ****s in and have now have us setback for HFA. Unless Kansas City loses against the Ravens, Chargers and possibly Seahawks, AFCCG goes through...
  13. M

    Pats need a reboot or no?

    Pats need a reboot or no? >>Days ago you were saying the rest of this season is a cakewalk. Now this? You need a boot in the hind quarters. @Tunescribe Bring it
  14. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread: Titans beat the Pats

    Bad game all around...our offense was bad, our defense was bad and our special teams play was bad. We deserved to lose the game. A week off, hope we can get healthy and back on track. Lets discuss
  15. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Week 10 Pats @ Titans

    Let's go Pats!!!! A win today gets us to 8-2 with the bye. No injuries please !!!!! Lets discuss
  16. Brady_to_Moss

    Gronk not at practice today

    Guess an ilness is going around but also ankle/back issues could be it. His last presser was..weird. Not sure if he retires soon or not but I wouldn't be surprised...just MO
  17. R

    Defensive End Disappointment

    It looks like we have a total of (7) players that play Defensive End for our team and the results so far have been very disappointing for me. I thought it would be a "team strength" but it seems to be, once again, a team weakness. Including recently acquired John Simon (who was the team's best...
  18. nORRis8

    Can you imagine if we go 1-3 !!!$%!#

    I can. And it ain't pretty. ESPNs Sam Kellermans ugly mug keeps popping in my mind.:confused: Nonetheless, a Pats team getting stomped on by KC in the autumn of 2014 of a score of 41-14 and suddenly finding ourselves 2-2 and BBs insistence that " we are going to Cincinnati". ... many of us...
  19. VJCPatriot

    Fix our DEFENSE: You're the Coach!

    So what do you do? After the Patriots defense gave up a Superbowl record 41 points and 500+ yards... BB had an entire offseason to fix it however the trend continues into the new season. Texans: 20 points given up, 300+ yards of offense Jaguars: 31 points given up, 450+ yards of offense Lions...
  20. N

    If the UNTHINKABLE happens, how will 3SB losses affect TB12’s legacy?

    Everyone talks about MJ and JMontana not having lost in the finals which is a stupid argument in my opinion. But having 3SB losses will be red meat for those that wouldn’t want to consider Brady as the ultimate winner.