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  1. Ian

    Gilmore Tests Positive - How Do they Deal With His Potential Absence?

    Just starting a new thread getting away from Covid and talking about how they'll handle his absence. We've seen some good things from J.C. Jackson and I was mildly impressed with what we saw from Jonathan Jones. Jackson appears to be someone they feel good about and he's obviously gotten a lot...
  2. PatsBoy12

    OT: Talib Hangs 'em Up

    I figured this is somewhat Pats related news. Mods, merge with a relevant thread if necessary. Aqib Talib has decided to hang up the cleats. Aqib Talib, former All-Pro CB, announces retirement after 12 seasons
  3. scott99

    HE HE HE: Pats trade for DB Michael Jackson

    Pats made a trade with the Lions (draft pick) to get DB Michael Jackson Sr. Good measurables, 6’1” 210, ran a 4.45 at the combine and had a 40” vertical. Probably more of a special teams trade.
  4. Joey007

    OT: Has Logan Ryan Been Eating His Wheaties?

    Holy smokes. I’ve never seen such wild stats from a CB.
  5. F

    Jaguars Jalen Ramsey asks for trade..

    Interest? Do the chiefs try and acquire him?
  6. M

    Dawson or Crossen or Neither or Both?

    Crossen was one of our most used special teamers last year, and has prospects at corner. Dawson is an enigma, and may have a role as a safety. We tend to have 8 positions defensive backs: 5 corners and 3 safeties, with the some of the corners playing lots of special teams. We've added Brooks...
  7. P

    What They're Saying: Jonathan Jones: After "Strong Camp", CB Poised to Earn a Bigger Role in...

    What They're Saying: Jonathan Jones: After "Strong Camp", CB Poised to Earn a Bigger Role in Patriots Defense Ian Logue Patriots training camp has seen Jonathan Jones as one of the most consistent performers in their defense, with Jones playing like a player who knows this is his chance to...
  8. signbabybrady

    Ty Law "We in the Hall of Fame"

    First of many congratulations Ty!
  9. P

    Patriots 2019 Training Camp Guide - Cornerbacks

    Patriots 2019 Training Camp Guide - Cornerbacks Steve Balestrieri Jackson notched three interceptions and opposing QBs had just a 42.0 passer rating when targeting him. Some NFL insiders believe he has All-Pro potential Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If...
  10. P

    OT: Colts Make Ex-Pat Kenny Moore highest paid slot CB in NFL

  11. M

    Dawson and Crossen

    Is either Dawson or Crossen likely to make the 53? Aren't we fine with Gilmore, Jackson, McCourty, Williams and Jones? and with McCourty, Chung, Harmon, Brooks (or Obi) and Ebner as our safeties?
  12. T

    Crossen vs Dawson

    Any insight on why Dawson hasn't seen the field since coming back from IR? I know round drafted doesn't matter: Crossen(7th) Dawson(2nd), but it just makes me wonder the reality of the situation. Is it a matter of being a better player at this point, or has the injury taken away a chance for a...
  13. ctpatsfan77

    Stephon Gilmore named first-team All-Pro at CB

  14. ctpatsfan77

    JC Jackson has the best passer rating allowed in the NFL

  15. B

    Logan Ryan out for season with broken leg

    A potential foe with a big loss. Hard to overrate good health this time of year.
  16. M

    2019 Secondary

    Yes, we need to tender J Jones, and re-sign Jason McCourty. Given that, we go into the offseason with a strong unit. CB: Gilmore, J McCourty, Jackson, Jones, Dawson, (Crossen) S: McCourty, Chung, Harmon, Melifonwu ST: Ebner
  17. JayNM

    Secondary appreciation thread

    How awesome it is to have a great secondary? I think we all agreed that our CBs were doing well, but yesterday was a statement game for sure: Thielen and Diggs combined for 77 yards, 10 catches and 1 TD. JC Jackson is a diamond. He needs to keep watching his hands - he got away with at least 1...
  18. Mack Herron

    Rowe to IR

    We didn't acquire anyone but we did open a roster spot.
  19. robertweathers

    Duke Dawson Returned To Practice

    Hope he can help. EDIT: According to Reiss he WAS at practice today. The clock now starts for him to be activated or back on IR for good
  20. KDPPatsfan85

    Patriots interested in CBs before the trade deadline

    Patriots have been linked to Patrick Peterson and now this tweet...