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  1. ctpatsfan77

    Semi-OT: Atlanta has fired HC Dan Quinn and GM Tom Dimitroff

    They still haven't recovered from 28–3, and their disastrous 2020 start was too much. The Pats-related question: would you bring Dimitroff back? He used to be college scouting director.
  2. ctpatsfan77

    It has been 283 days since the Atlanta Falcons last won a game

    Because Saints fans are even pettier about 28–3 than we are. :)
  3. Pape

    Atlanta has the 1st player put on Covid 19 exempt list

    Not 100% sure he tested positive, or if he came into contact with someone who was positive... Now we get to see how well the NFL manages the situation... If the league can keep things relatively in check, with no full blown outbreaks, I think there is a real good chance that the full slate of...
  4. Froob

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Turkey Day Week 13 Game Thread

    Thank god we got football on at my girls house this year instead of the dog show. It’s not good football but football none the less
  5. ctpatsfan77

    [Humor] Another team blows 28–3

    Baylor blew a 28–3 lead to Oklahoma on Saturday. Of course, it led to hilarity, starting here. . . .
  6. IcyPatriot

    Hall of Fame Game - Broncos vs. Falcons

    Get some pre season work on your game thread posting ...
  7. DarrylS

    Bill Parcell's Son in Law return to NEP???

    Scott Pioli has left the Falcons and where will he wind up?? Maybe with his long time friend and mentor BB?? Would be an interesting move, but what will happen to loyal soldier Nick Caserio?? After the Watson and Collins signing there seems to be value in bringing NFL hardened folks back into...
  8. Ras-IR Dowling

    Turkey Day Games Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals. Hoping for a good set of games today.
  9. V

    Falcons are embracing the Suck

    Falcons are embracing the Suck They are incredible
  10. Mack Herron

    RIP Rod Rust

  11. jmt57

    Week 6 NFL Games

    Thanks to @vuudu for kicking week 6 off with the Eagles - Giants thread. Since that one went to 170+ responses, I thought it would be better to start a new thread for the remainder of this week's games. For starters, here are the Week 6 TV Maps, courtesy of JP Kirby at 506 Sports. CBS will...
  12. S

    Week 5 NFL Games

    Always cracks me up how the pre game shows have these predictions and it’s obvious they are reading off a teleprompter. Their “prediction” probably comes from there too. Lol
  13. 1960Pats

    Tyler Eifert Injury

    I haven't seen anything about the injury this kid suffered during the Cincy-Atlanta game. Ouch! That kid may never be the same and his loss puts a huge dent in the Cincy offense for this year. Reminds me a little of the Joe Theisman broken leg from years ago.
  14. IcyPatriot

    Falcons vs Eagles Game Discussion

    Falcons favored by 2.5/3.0 so far.
  15. IcyPatriot

    Divisional Round Poll - Pick 4 Winners

    Divisional Round - Pick 4 Winners Games are in order with home team listed 2nd.
  16. P

    NFL Division Playoffs: Patriots favored by 13.5 vs Tennessee

    NFL Division Playoffs: Patriots favored by 13.5 vs Tennessee John Morgan The 2017-18 NFL playoffs have progressed to the second round. Division playoff weekend is arguably the best of any NFL season. The four best teams of the season are all playing. At the same time NFL fans are treated to...
  17. QuantumMechanic

    NE crushes Giants fan's will

    In the comments to the latest Draw Play Comic, the author (a rabid Giants fan) says: **** off already for ****s sake. You’ve accomplished everything. Winning this game will only improve Brady and Belichick’s legacy by a mild percentage because they’ve already done it enough to pretty much...
  18. PatsDeb

    Game Day Thread: Titans/Chiefs and Falcons/Rams

    In an effort to get away from the latest BS of the NFL, how about a discussion about tomorrow's games? I know the home town teams will probably win, but I hope the visitors in the AFC do. I can't see the Titan's O keeping up with ours in Foxboro. And I know September is a long time ago, and...
  19. M

    A Prelude to Successes and Failures

    Today tells us a lot about the NFL playoff field this season. Although we could evaluate based on record, I believe these elimination style games reveal the character and resolve of teams in a more accurate manner. And the league of Goodell left us wanting. So without further ado... In the...
  20. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Games

    CBS Early Red: Jets at Pats (-15½) -- Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Blue: Browns at Steelers (-6) -- Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta Green: Texans at Colts (-5½) -- Tom McCarthy, Steve Beuerlein, Steve Tasker Fox Early Red: Bears at Vikings (-12½) -- Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis Blue: Cowboys (-3½) at...