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Dec 6th

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    49ers Will Play Two Home Games in Arizona

    Is there any way they can just change the name from Levi's Stadium to French Laundry?
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    Realistic 2021 QB Poll

    Newton reminds me of one of the multitude of sore-armed, 30+ year-old pitchers that the Red Sox have had over the past decades. Lost their fastball, can't get guys to swing and miss. Have one decent start and then three bad ones. Newton is just like one of those guys. Can't lift his elbow...
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    RIP Tommy Heinsohn

    He did a lot of Miller Lite commercials in the 70s. In one of them, he did a little trick by moving pennies around on a table with his fingers. My father and a couple of his friends were sitting around having a couple drinks when one of them tried to copy the trick. No one could, so my father...
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    Zero gate at Gillette the rest of the way

    So no one will be able to see this team in person this year? In a year like this, that passes for good news.
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    Good game Pats fans - And you need to Cut Cam Newton

    I remember something Catfish Hunter said after the Red Sox roughed him up during a game early in 1978: "The sun don't shine on the same dog's *** everyday."
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    What trade moves should the Patriots make before the deadline?

    A. Everyone wants the Patriots to stockpile draft picks. B. The Pats need wide receivers, but they are terrible at drafting them. C. What about Gilmore for Michael Thomas, straight up?
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    Rumor - Nick Caserio on Houstons radar again.

    Nick and Josh don't have any idea what it's like to work with fractious, dysfunctional ownership. For their sake, I hope they never find out.
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    NEW ARTICLE: PHOTO: Julian Edelman Reflects On Tough Chiefs Performance With Some "Batman" Motivation

    It looks to me that a career's worth of injuries are catching up with him. As his recovery time increases, the injuries and their effects seem to be overlapping. Great career, and I hope he retires a Patriot.
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    Bill O’Brien fired

    Uh oh. There is a new entry in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes--the Dolphins.
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    If you could ask Josh to change one thing about how he calls a game, what would it be?

    Fewer WR screens. These plays depend upon the other WR making a good block, which doesn't happen often enough. You have mobile O-linemen--use RB screens more often.
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    NEW ARTICLE: Patrick Chung Shares Photos Of Newborn Daughter Over Instagram

    Beautiful baby. Unfortunately, for him I don't think any of the players not playing this year will be back, with the possible exception of Hightower.
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    Feelings on the New Uniforms?

    They should add silver and red pants. Then you could have lots of cool combinations. I'm partial to the 80's look with the white jerseys and red pants.
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    Kicker thread

    If the Patriots' plan was to move Folk back to PS, they should probably think twice. I think he'd be on the next plane to Nashville.
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    Jarrett Stidham

    May need another year. Don't understand why people are so down on him.
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    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    Brady belongs on the pantheon of Boston sports legends, right next to Russell, Ted Williams, and Bobby Orr. However, I did cheer when he threw that pick-6. It also looks like Gronk can't get open on that seam route anymore.
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    Pats Explore trading Gilmore

    There may be teams out there believing that they're one good CB away from the Super Bowl. If they want to give up two number 1's like Seattle just did, then he's gone.
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    Gilmore gets a raise

    I keep hearing from different sources that this may be his last year in NE. I don't understand. Does his contract have voidable years?
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    Is BB betting that the NFL season will not finish due to COVID 19?

    The Patriots were in a rebuilding mode in 2001 and won the Superbowl. I think that BB will always coach his players hard and put maximum effort into winning every game. He's knows the league and knows his team better than anyone. He's stashed some developmental players on the back end of the...
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    What tf is Kyle Van Noy talking about?

    He flat-out quit toward the end of last year. Good riddance.