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    Mary Kay Cabot is Talking Up Jimmy G's Trade Value

    Does anyone else see BB's fingerprints on this story? Jimmy Garoppolo: 5 things to know about the Browns trying to trade for him
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    Ever hear of Josh Norris? Me neither, but he nailed it.

    I was listening to a Ross Tucker podcast last week, and he had a guy on there by the name of Josh Norris, who evaluates players for Rotoworld using solely his judgment of the player on tape. He said he's never seen anyone as explosive off the snap as Easley, and had him at #4 on his draft...
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    DMc = M.I.A. in the first two games

    In Patriot Reign, Holley talks about a player evaluation meeting at the end of 2002. During the meeting Tom Dimitroff made a comment about the big plays that Lawyer Milloy made during the season, in which he made the Pro Bowl. "I can't think of any" said BB, and asked him to come up with some...
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    TB12's New LA Home

    A little light for this forum, but it's a slow news day: Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's House in Los Angeles : Architectural Digest Note to Tom and Gisele: Sorry, but "14,000 square-foot eco-conscious home" is an oxymoron.
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    Please tell me that Patrick Chung can no longer call for a fake punt.

    Dear Bill: Please put my fears to rest. Tell me you've taken the fake punt keys away from Chung and got Doug Flutie to drop kick them into the Charles River.
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    Traded up twice, should have kept going

    Rather trade back from the second round, it might have made more sense to trade up again into the back end of the first. 48 (420 pts.) plus 62 (284) equals 26 (700 pts.). That maybe gets you Mercilus (though Houston might not have traded), Perry, Jenkins, or even Upshaw, if they wanted him...
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    Meyer Covered up for Spikes, Hernandez and Harvin at UF

    Interesting article. BB tells current Gator team to not be like those guys. From champs to chomped: How Urban Meyer broke Florida football - NCAA Football - Sporting News
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    Did Pats offer Paterno a job?

    I seem to remember the Patriots pursuing Joe Paterno to be their HC, back around 1970 or '71. Does anyone else remember this?
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    LeVoir to Start at RT for Ravens

    ...another man's treasure: The Ravens announced the signing of LeVoir on Sunday, and by Monday afternoon's practice, he was taking most of the repetitions with the first offense. From all indications, the experiment of trying to pencil in rookie Jah Reid, the team's third-round pick out of...
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    Will the NFL "Fix" the Schedule?

    The NFL has already announced that it will release the 2011 schedule in April, just as it has in past years. If one assumes the worst-case scenario, i.e., several weeks' worth of games may be missed due to the labor dispute, then it's quite possible that some teams will be advantaged by missing...
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    Do the Crime, Serve The Time

    His crime: impersonating Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
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    Raiders Rounding Into Form

    Good news for Pats fans: Monte Poole: Oakland Raiders quarterback quandary mirror's team's confusion - Inside Bay Area Gradkowski separated his shoulder on Sunday. They're currently at 5-6. Rest of season: @ SD @ Jax Denver Indy @ KC 6-10 seems about right, but 5-11...
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    Can the kicker be offsides?

    On SD's onside kick, Kris Brown's plant foot clearly landed about a foot in front of the ball before he kicked it. He needed to do this in order to top the ball to the right side. Why isn't this offsides? And if it is, the refs missed it twice, since the play was reviewed.
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    Neither Jets or Giants May Sell Out New Stadium Openers

    From yesterday's NY Post: Neither the Giants nor the Jets will be blacked out on local TV in Week 1, but there sure are going to be a lot of empty seats at New Meadowlands Stadium. The Giants say they have sold all non-premium seating for Sunday’s opener against the Panthers, meaning the...
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    How to stump Cro...

    ....just ask him the names and ages of his kids. Yikes.
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    Good players available during TC?

    With no cap this year, and a strike looming in 2011, there may be a lot of good veterans available on the cheap before the final cut-down date. Think of MLB or the NBA before their trading deadlines. It would be pretty easy for an owner to look at his roster and the upcoming season, and figure...
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    Pats tidbits from Rick Gosselin column

    Semi-interesting tidbit on Pats/Cowboys first-round trade, and a comment on BB's draft philosophy near the end of the column. If Tim Tebow succeeds, coaches will have last laugh over scouts | NFL News | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
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    Rick Gosselin's Top 100 is Up

    I think his mock draft goes up tomorrow morning. Rick Gosselin's top 100 prospects in this year's NFL Draft | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
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    Hey Al: Stop messin' with our draft pick

    I'm not a big fan of McNabb, but he's a lot better than Jamarcus. Do the Raiders rise to mediocrity in 2010?
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    Opinions on Jarvis Green

    I'm not able to watch all the games, but I DVR'd the Texans game, and for some reason, decided to focus on Jarvis Green when he was in there. I saw no push, no energy, no plays. Nothing. Has he been like this all season?