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Dec 6th

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  1. NumenorBlader

    OT: Gutlessness

    This frustrates me also. People ring me up after the game as well as post on my (facebook) wall with lots of trash - some Chargers fans, some Denver (Tebow) fans, some not even fans of the game! My philosophy in losing is that I will first congratulate the other set of fans. Should they...
  2. NumenorBlader

    I wish Patriot fans had a `Patriot Way`

    I think the point the OP is making is that we should be grateful of what we have as fans, because there will come a time when we may not be winning, may not have HoF Coach or QB & players - and in those times we will look back wishing for those times when we were getting to the SB, or competing...
  3. NumenorBlader

    Doesn't even compare to 2007 Loss

    To me, it does compare. Both times I wanted to just be alone. Shut off. I'm still numb, like I was in 08. It just hurts. -NB
  4. NumenorBlader

    Thank you Patriots for a Great Season

    Got to agree with a lot of what was posted. Considering the lockout last year - it was brilliant to watch my team play and seeing them go from constantly dismissed - to getting to the SB and playing their guts out - this is why I love the Pats. Invariably now I can't wait for Opening Day...
  5. NumenorBlader

    When did you get the sinking feeling?

    Welker drop. I couldn't believe it was going to come down to the same finish as last time. That said I had a lot of hope when we converted on 4th down and drove to midfield. After the 12 men penalty I knew it was going to be a decision from upstairs. - NB
  6. NumenorBlader

    WR offseason decision

    - 2nd all time receptions as a Patriot - 3rd in all time recieving yards as a Patriot - 80+ catches in all 5 seasons as a Patriot - 100+ catches in 4 of those 5 seasons - More catches than anyone else since 2007 and top 5 yardage Yes - we should cut Wes Welker :rolleyes: The guy's...
  7. NumenorBlader

    The Post game venting thread.(merged a lot)

    Re: Once again... for the 5th time... CAN WE GET A PASS RUSH PLEASE???! I think what the OP wants is something like the Giants Dline. And the chances are, you're not going to get it unless you break the bank. Even if you want a JPP or Tuck, it's going to come at a high price. In my opinion...
  8. NumenorBlader

    Running the ball

    Agreed. In a weird way, just because you're good at something (i.e. 5 wide) doesn't mean you should keep doing it in football. Especially against the Giants. Becoming 1 dimensional against a team that can pass rush 3 with the force of 5 and hence can drop 8 back with no threat of a run is not...
  9. NumenorBlader

    Opportunities missed, mistakes made

    OP - the thread title does sum it up. I look back at the game and also wonder where we lost it. I do not believe it was because our gameplan was bad (we nullified Cruz, pass rush was limited to 2 sacks), or because we did not systematically stop the Giants (their run game was mostly limited...
  10. NumenorBlader

    Memo to Pats fans

    You can't be in the hunt for the SB if you're not in the playoffs. I wanna see the Pats win every game. But I'll settle for guaranteed playoffs and just a chance to fight for the getting to the Superbowl. Anything can happen in that scenario. From thunderhorse teams making and not making...
  11. NumenorBlader

    UK Pat's First Game Thoughts

    Glad you had a good time Paul, much like I did as well! I couldn't believe the Meriweather pick, I went absolutely beserk when he tore it up towards the EZ I was at! As for the comments about sports over here - we pretty much get coverage of anything and everything, from Soccer to NASCAR to...
  12. NumenorBlader

    Cheer or Noise?

    I had a chant for Mike Vrabel that I would sing in my house when he was still with us... it went something like: #Mikey-V, Number Fifty, Coming through to sack the QB!" It can be done... just requires some creativity and fan organisation. Whaddya say fans coming to Wembley? Defensive...
  13. NumenorBlader

    Slighty OT, For the Brits Amongst Us...

    Re: Slighty OT, For the Brits Amongst Us.. I'm seriously annoyed with the deal situation right now. With the NFL coming to the UK for a 3rd consecutive year, I really can't believe they're going to be cutting their investment into a game which is increasingly becoming popular on the University...
  14. NumenorBlader

    8 players who might surprise

    I disagree with the list. I don't disagree with all the players (e.g. Tate), but for guys like Tate I just don't think it will be this season where he breaks out. IMO, the list is: Ray Ventrone - could be very important with Izzo going going gone. Seabass - If injuries plague the OL like...
  15. NumenorBlader

    Watching Patriots overseas

    justin tv is good, i would really recommend though. with a strong enough internet connection its good, but can be quite hit and miss depending on the streamer. I would just advise using NFL Gamepass for that weekend (one weekend ppv). its really good HD quality, and youll get the...
  16. NumenorBlader

    Interesting article on what kept Kraft from owning Liverpool soccer team

    Listen to Seymour... he knows what he's talkin about... :D Blader.
  17. NumenorBlader

    Interesting article on what kept Kraft from owning Liverpool soccer team

    I would probably be sick if Kraft took over Liverpool... ;) And Sir Alex Ferguson is closer to BB then Rafa is... both media whizzes, hard to please managers, and winners essentially :D Nah concerning the actual story, the thing with Soccer is that the market is dominated by a few, and you...
  18. NumenorBlader

    Biggest offseason loss?

    Toss up between Mikey V and Pioli. Gave the nod to Vrabel. As I said in the other thread, I've been watching replays of last season's games and noticed that although Vrabel punch through as much, he was as consistent as they come, and extremely intelligent on the field. Moreover - he was another...
  19. NumenorBlader

    Which new Patriots player will be the biggest contributor this season?

    I was going between Bodden and Chung. I picked Bodden. I was watching full game replays of last seasons games and you just notice how quite a bit of our defensive woes on 3rd down game to either too much padding to the WRs and too little hard hitting in the secondary, also due to our lack of...