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    Offseason moves...

    First they promote Cam Neely. Then they trade away the 15th pick and Dennis Wideman for Horton and Campbell. Then they re-sign Recchi and Boychuck. Next they draft Seguin. No big name signings yet, but rumors of big trades involving surpluses at goal and center could shake up things...
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    #8 now runs the team

    Bruins vice president Cam Neely got a promotion, he has been named as the eighth president in the Bruins' history taking on the title that has been vacant for four years. He is to oversee all of the team's hockey and business operations.
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    Bruins make big trade...

    The Bruins made a big trade to try to bolster their offense, sending Dennis Wideman, the 15th pick in this year's draft, and a 3rd round pick in next year's draft to Florida in exchange for Gregory Campbell and Nathan Horton. Panthers deal Horton, Campbell to B's for Wideman, picks - 2010...
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    OK to cheer the bitter rival just once?

    As much as I hate to go against tradition...but maybe it is OK for just one game to set aside the decades old bad blood with Montreal to possible cheer for their victory? One game...just one game? It has a huge stake- home ice in the semifinals. With their victory the Bruins would get home...
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    Rutgers Head Coach Compares Devin McCourty to Darrelle Revis

    Coach Compares Devin McCourty to Darrelle Revis 98.5 The Sports Hub – Boston's New Home For Sports His description of how he was used over his days at Rutgers mirrors the projected use in New England.
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    Semi OT: former Sox player Dawson elected to Hall of Fame

    One time member of the Red Sox, outfielder/DH Andre Dawson, was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year with 75% of the ballots cast. He is elected in his eighth year of eligibility and was elected just ahead of pitcher Burt Blyleven who fell roughly four votes short of election and...
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    OT: Mangini might have new boss...

    Cleveland Browns, Mike Holmgren meeting about front-office position - ESPN ESPN is reporting that the Browns are wooing Mike Holmgren to be their director of football operations...first getting in someone who knows how to run a team and getting in someone who knows how to coach a team with...
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    World Cup anyone?

    Surprised nobody posted this yet but Friday the pools for the 2010 World Cup to be played in South Africa were announced. USA got assigned to Group C and is ranked 14th in the world going in...draw in the group was England(#9 ranked in the world), Algeria(#28 ranked), and Slovenia(#25). Tough...
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    Steelers may be down to third string QB sunday...

    Ben Roethlisberger injured his head again. Blogs Blog Archive Roethlisberger injured in overtime Backup QB Charlie Batch is out for at least six weeks... Pittsburgh Steelers' Charlie Batch has a wrist injury, will need surgery - ESPN If Big Ben can't go on Sunday the...
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    Michael Strahan the actor?

    He has a new Fox show on Friday nights where he plays a down on his luck retired NFL player forced to live with his parents and his feuding paraplegic brother. Anyone seen it? Is it worth watching or don't bother?
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    Fred Cusick, the first Patriots color commentator, passes...

    Longtime Bruins announcer Fred Cusick dies - On day after the Patriots won the first game of their 50th season an original member of their family passes. He was the color commentator for the very first AFL game back on September 9th, 1960 at Nickerson Field for the Boston...
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    R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.

    An amazing dancer as well as a talented actor, it's a shame that he wasn't able to build in his late 80s/early 90s success until last year...RIP great soul.
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    Celtics sign Marquis Daniels

    Celtics Sign Marquis Daniels | New England Sports Tonight were gushing over him...his signing has been compared to the James Posey signing, can contribute off the bench for them and contribute some points when needed.
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    Comic Book wars renewed...Spider-Man, meet Mickey Mouse

    The Associated Press: Disney to buy comic book powerhouse Marvel for $4B Walt Disney Corporation has bought Marvel Entertainment, Inc. for a reported $4 billion. Marvel now as a huge cash lifeline that they had lacked for years that rival DC Comics has had in the hand of their owners...
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    Powe to Cleveland...

    Leon Powe signed a tender deal with Cleveland pending a physical... Cleveland Cavaliers closing in on two-year deal with ex-Celtics forward Leon Powe -
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    Division offseason- "A" for the Bs

    Northeast offseasons: Start with an 'A' for Bs - NHL - Hockey Good to hear, hopefully they clear up enough space to finally ink Kessel to a deal to get going on the season... Sucks that they have a salary cap to protect the crappy teams but it's better than seeing fans lose...
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    New D-League teams coming to New England

    The Maine Red Claws based out of Portland and the Springfield Armor in Springfield, MA will operate this upcoming season. The Red Claws will be affiliates of the Bobcats and Celtics and the Springfield team will be the affiliate of the Nets, Knicks, and 76ers. The Armor used to be the Anaheim...
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    Girl wins team title- by herself, for a second time!

    Deadspin - High School Track Star Wins Team Championship By Herself - Bonnie Richardson Small Texas town with only 14 graduating seniors and her as the only member of the track "team" she earned enough team points in her events to overtake the more numerous schools to earn her second straight...
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    Wilfork seeking new deal...

    Nose tackle Wilfork has eye on new deal - The Boston Globe Starting to look like a battle will brew if they don't get him extended at a rate at least around $6-10 million per year plus incentives...
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    Encouraging article on new special teams coach Scott O'Brien...

    Especially challenging - The Boston Globe He had success with BB coached players before and his coaching style seems to relate well to BB's coaching so hopefully it translates well to the players.