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  1. Brady2Moss

    On to Kansas City

    Boys will be ready to go, time to kick off the repeat!!! Hoping the Steelers can beat Denver, but got to take care of business no excuses to lose this one. I know its the playoffs and thats all the motivation you need, but I think most of the team remembers what happened in KC last year ;)
  2. Brady2Moss

    Sigh...Kraft seen talking to Judge Berman at party Welp there goes the decisive court win, now its because Judge Berman is a "pats fan" and not just a Judge doing his job and seeing through the NFL's crap... you'd think our owner would be a bit more...
  3. Brady2Moss

    Question about opener traffic (Sept 10)

    Hey guys had a question about traffic from boston to gilette on game days. I'm no longer in the new england area so I fly in from out of town for a game or two each year. Usually we come in on Saturday and stay in a hotel in Norwood so traffic is never a concern. This year because of conflicts...
  4. Brady2Moss

    Florio nails it again, NFL hide truth in footnote Brady offered EXACTLY what Wells asked for, the response was BUT HE DIDN'T GIVE THE PHONE!!! During Wells' press conference he specifically said he didn't want the phone, so why does it...
  5. Brady2Moss

    New meme: Delay punishment till 2016!!! Test all balls!!!

    Is there any doubt that this whole thing is just a media creation by the NFL? This is the new meme being touted by Peter King and seen tonight on CSNNE. I believe Mike Reiss thought of it a few months ago, but now King thinks hes reinvented the wheel with this idea. Any doubt how this would go...
  6. Brady2Moss

    Come the F on... Kraft to Larry King: I hope I helped Tom Brady's appeal.

    In tweet from Larry King. Larry King ✔@kingsthings Spoke to Robert Kraft today. The @Patriots owner said he won't challenge the NFL over penalties & hopes that may somehow benefit Tom Brady. 7:28 PM - 23 May 2015 So now when the NFL eliminates the penalty WHICH THEY WOULD HAVE ANYWAY TO AVOID...
  7. Brady2Moss

    This entire scandal is meant to break the patriots apart

    Think about it, starting BEFORE the KC game we have NFL network stooges like Breer saying BB wants to win without Brady (yeah I'm sure he has a source close to BB LOL). Then the KC game happened and the noise to break apart the band got even louder. They were immediately shut up. Then you get...
  8. Brady2Moss

    EDIT: Schefter Patriots get taken through the back channel by NFL

    Per Schefter NFL & Patriots are attempting to resolve their differences without appeal through "back-channel conversations." (via @AdamSchefter) I say fight to the death, screw negotiating. Edit: I also find it hilarious that they...
  9. Brady2Moss

    The tide is turning... Peter King's tweets This weeks about to be a sh*t show of leaks on both sides. Brady won't miss a snap this year. Some clowns in the media realized that they should...
  10. Brady2Moss

    Sign the Beast XLII: KC Chiefs OLB Justin Houston

    Justin Houston was given the non-exclusive franchise tender. I know it's unlikely but our first round pick this year is 32 and if we get to the AFC title game again it'll be close to that again. 26 year old top 3 pass rusher in the league give up 2 late firsts for him and it negates a lot of...
  11. Brady2Moss

    Kyle Love released

    Agent: DL Love told he'll be released - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston Agent is implying it is due to his diabetes diagnosis. 2 DTs gone. Edit: Seems like Love has regained the weight he lost during the time he was undiagnosed and they are disappointed by the release.
  12. Brady2Moss

    Let's all settle down

    I think people are getting a bit crazy here over the loss of Welker. I didn't want him back for huge dollars, but apparently we could have had him for a real steal. Bill didn't want to do it he clearly has other plans. Welker did a good job here, but consistently our offense was shut down in...
  13. Brady2Moss

    Patriots concerned about Aqib Talib's work ethic

    According to Mike Giardi of CSNNE Do you think this means we franchise him? He went on to say they think Talib can make 8-10 million on the open market, so they better franchise him if they want to keep him for that one year.
  14. Brady2Moss

    Dwayne Bowe: Sign the Beast

    What's the boards opinion on signing Dwayne Bowe. It is doubtful KC franchises him again and he has had success in the Weis offense, his best year as a pro actually with Matt Cassel throwing him the ball 72 Receptions, 1162 yards, 16.1 yards per catch, 15 TDs He would probably cost the same as...
  15. Brady2Moss

    Does Brady get an extension

    Was wondering what you guys think. I personally do not really blame Brady for how he played against the Ravens he doesn't really have the weapons without Gronkowski in. He was a bit gun shy stepping in throws but I probably would be too if all my passes were getting dropped and people...
  16. Brady2Moss

    Is Welker worth $10 million

    This is an honest question do you guys feel he is worth that much money, not in a vacuum, but given our current cap space of 20 million. Its going to cost 8-10 million to keep Welker, and that means the offense that has scored 21, 17, and 13 (notice the downward trend!) in our last 3 playoff...
  17. Brady2Moss

    Running the ball against Ravens

    Anyone have any idea how we approach running the ball against the Ravens? Last time our backs combined for 75 yards on 30 attempts an abysmal 2.5 yards per carry. I think this is the key to the game as when we run the ball the offense is nearly unstoppable due to play action and slowing down...
  18. Brady2Moss

    Offensive Line

    Big round of applause for the O-line they gave up 0 pressures today I believe (Only two I recall were allowed by Hooman and Ridley) I think Mankins and Solder are almost back to normal health both looked good in the screen game moving around. Same with Connolly and Vollmer for that matter I...
  19. Brady2Moss

    Gronk Ready to Roll

    Per Tom Curran Goodnight NFL, Patriots are rolling into the playoffs with a full tank of gas :rocker::rocker::rocker::rocker: edit: Could the mods add an extra l to the title, I was too excited to complete the word roll :D
  20. Brady2Moss

    Pats Ravens Tickets

    Greetings from Baltimore (Sadly I go to school here) I was wondering what you guys found to be the best way to get tickets to away games asides from the usual stub hub. Me and 2 other Pats Nuts are trying to get to the game and I was wondering if anyone had advice how to get reasonably priced...