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Nov 29th

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  1. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Texans beat the Pats

    Tough loss. We just didn't play as well as they did. Our defense wasn't great and we didn't make enough plays .I sound like Bill. lol Not sure where we go from here. Is Cam the answer, do we play Sitdham? This one hurts though...... Let's discuss!!!!!
  2. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Texans

    We'll have a 3 game winning streak if we can beat Houston today and be back at 500 for the season. Hoping to build off our last two wins with good O-line play, Harris playing like a pro bowler, Meyers being clutch and playing like a top 3 receiver, consistent play from our defense and no...
  3. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Ravens

    Great win!!!! I think our best game of the season. Harris, Meyers and our O-line played great tonight!! Our defense came up big when they had too!!! I'm very happy and nobody thought we could do it!!!!! Just a great win!!! Let's discuss!!!!!!!!
  4. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Ravens @ Pats

    Hoping we can surprise everyone tonight!!! I really hate the rat birds so a win tonight would be extra sweet. Cam needs to play like he did last week, our run defense needs to be improved and we'll need to have our offense control the clock. Of course hoping for no injuries. Go Pats...
  5. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Jets

    How many people are pumped up for this game? Is this the week when we turn our season around? I hate the Jets, that's reason enough I want to destroy them tonight. Hoping for some improvement from our offense. Excited to see more of Harris. Of course, no injuries. Go Pats!!!! Lets discuss!!
  6. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

    Tough loss, I hate these close losses. I hate to lose, but I think if we're going to lose, I'd rather lose 45-3...Harris is going to be a keeper, Meyers had a real good game as well. O-line is really good. Cam was average and then had that huge fumble. Bentley was bad as was our run defense...
  7. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Bills

    I know most people are giving up on this season, but it's not over yet. If we beat the bills today, we're right back in the race for AFC East. I've learned over the past few years, never give up on this team( Atlanta Super Bowl, We're onto KC, Seattle Super Bowl etc) . Hoping we can turn it...
  8. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- 49er's beat the Pats

    This was a tough one to watch!! We were really outplayed on offense and defense. Cam was bad and the defense was bad. Can't get worse can it? lol I think the coaching will figure it out.... Let's discuss!!!
  9. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Broncos beat the Pats

    This team showed heart, but it wasn't enough in the end. Our offense just wasn't very good today....maybe it was a lack of practice injuries to the line or rust, but it wasn't good enough. Hoping for an improvement next week!!!! Let's discuss!!!!!
  10. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Broncos @ Pats

    This has been a crazy season so far. It feels like we haven't played in a month. Need a win today against a beatable team. Nice to have Cam back, our offense should be a lot better. Of course hoping for no injuries. Go Pats!!!!!! Let's discuss!!!!!
  11. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Chiefs beat the Pats

    Tough game, Hoyer was bad, our defense was good. Harris showed signs that he is our next starting rb. On to Denver.... Let's discuss!!!!
  12. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Chiefs

    Hoping to shock the world tonight!!! Maybe get a few turnovers, can anyone say a special teams Td? Since I've been following the Pats, I don't remember us ever been this big of an underdog. Who knows, that's why they play the game. Also hoping for no injuries. Let's pound it down their throat...
  13. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Day Thread- Pats beat the Raiders!!!!!

    Nice to be 2-1. Great to see the running game get going today. Sony, Rex and Taylor all played well today. The O-Line was really good as well. No major injuries today and I think this team is going to be better than most people thought. We are onto KC. Go Pats!!!! Let's discuss!!!!!
  14. ashley1992


    Game Day!!! Every season there is a game or two that can really determine how a team is going to do. I think this is one of those games. If we win, I think there is a good chance that we are going to be really competitive and have a good season. If we lose, me might have a tougher season...
  15. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread - Seattle beats the Pats

    What a game....It seems like whenever we play against Seattle it always goes down to the last play..... Cam played really well tonight, I thought our receivers played well also as did our O-line protecting Cam. I'm a little disappointed with our running game, but I think we'll get better as the...
  16. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Seahawks

    Going to be a tough game. I think we all see how good we are tonight. Looking forward to seeing how our defense plays against Wilson and how Cam plays again this week. Also, no injuries!!! Let's go Patriots. Let's discuss!!!!!!
  17. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Dolphins!!!!

    Great to get off to a 1-0 start and get a division win. Loved the way Cam played and I think overall our defense was good. Harry looked better but had the one bad fumble. Our running game was as good as I can remember and Taylor really looked explosive. Let's discuss!!!
  18. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Miami @ Pats

    So good to have football back!!! Going to be an interesting year and I'm sure an interesting GDT. Let's hope for a good start to the season and of course no injuries. Bummer about Gunner though. Let's go Pats!!! Let's discuss.
  19. ashley1992

    Goodbye Elandon Roberts

    Going to Miami....the best offseason news so far!!!! Hoping he plays many downs on defense when we play them this year. Thank you Brian Flores!!!!! @CameronWolfe Dolphins agreed to a deal with former Patriots LB Elandon Roberts, per source.
  20. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Titans beat the Pats

    Tough loss and very disappointed but it's tough to win the Super Bowl every year. Should be a very interesting offseason with potentially a lot of changes. This has been a great run, hope it's not over!!!! Thanks to all the great Pat fans for another year of excitement. It was a lot of...