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Nov 29th

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  1. Family

    Was Matt Patricia overrated for his coaching here?

    As mentioned by others I always thought the Peyton Manning loss against Denver defined Patricia's weakness as a coach.
  2. Family

    Will BB leave patriots at the end of this year?

    This is what Bill has been waiting for! And it's not about records. BB gets to coach closely with his sons. He has talked many times how he regrets not being home for them when they were younger. Bill loves teaching. He learned from his father and now he gets to finish his career teaching his...
  3. Family

    Team thinks Burkhead tore his ACL

    Any chance JJ gets a spin once he's healed? Sorry about Burkhead. Great guy to have on your team.
  4. Family

    Rivers waived

    As mentioned a bit earlier, this is a good thing. Our front seven is being upgraded. It had been a weaker point of the team; certainly the defense.
  5. Family

    Anyone got a Ryan Izzo film review?

    He had a bad (horrible) fumble that expanded people's view that he was the tight end version of Jordan Richards. But Izzo is a serviceable NFL tight end, albeit better as a backup. Can both block and catch a little. Not great, but good enough. Everybody cries for the rookies, but the season...
  6. Family

    Vrabel/Titans Part Ways With Ryan Allen

    Who is making these final decisions in Tennessee?
  7. Family

    Major flaw in the playoff format

    This has been a long running argument. Even if every few years there is an unfair result, I am for keeping the integrity of The Division Championship. If you don['t win your division, you don't deserve a home playoff game, even if there are easy divisions.
  8. Family

    RIP Tommy Heinsohn

    Working off memory from 45 years ago, it was Heinsohn who wanted the trade. He felt Westphal didn't run the break well as mentioned in the article. My memory is that Westphael was shocked and disappointed at the trade.
  9. Family

    RIP Tommy Heinsohn

    Don't forget Don Cheney. It was Cheney, not Scott in the first championship,
  10. Family

    Reported: Copeland torn pec expected out for season

    I think our entire linebacking corp are "depth" players.
  11. Family

    Winovich in the dog house?

    Jimmy G in the back was beyond stupid. And I don't care that Jimmy G flopped. It was in the back and a QB.
  12. Family

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- 49ers @ Pats

    How do we think the Patriots will do on National Tight End Day?
  13. Family

    Former Patriot Tom Yewcic passes away

    My memory has always confused Tom Yewcic and Tom Janik, both punters for the Patriots in the 60's. Ironically Janik (another Tom) punted, caught a pass and ran for a touchdown, having intercepted Joe Namath for a 100 yard TD return. He never threw a TD pass, however. RIP Tom Yewcic
  14. Family

    OT: The Dude STILL Abides By The Patriot Way

    I might have started it as a joke about you getting too comfortable at Chiefs Planet. Glad to see you are well.
  15. Family

    Where they at?

    I hope @robertweathers is doing ok. Great poster. Maybe he was a closet front runner. RW was getting awfully friendly at Chiefs Planet.
  16. Family

    Miami's on to Tua

    My first reaction was surprised, which is what I've felt about Fitz's play. This is definitely the perfect time though, if Tua is healthy. To repeat: everyone knows they are going nowhere with Fitzpatrick. If Tua is real, Fitz has given the team a chance this year.
  17. Family

    Article: The Patriots' Tight End Problem is Becoming Critical

    I think it's blocking assignments. They might have to change the entire offense. Someone who knows better than me can add. Izzo took a bad rap last year when he missed blocks because he was essentially a rookie, and was lost on some plays. They probably don't want to blow the confidence of...
  18. Family

    Article: The Patriots' Tight End Problem is Becoming Critical

    In this offense tight end is a tough position to learn. Even Gronk only had 8 targets in first 5 games for 86 yards. And that was with a full training camp.
  19. Family

    NFL Cancels Pro-Bowl

    They can do whatever they feel like, especially in a year like this one. The NBA just finished their season.
  20. Family

    assume the NFL makes it to January... playoff bubble?

    I think it will be interesting for the fans, however. Home field in the playoffs is so much an advantage. It will be fun having the games on neutral sites for a year. This is a good year since the Pats won't have it! (likely)