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Nov 29th

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  1. borg

    Celtics 2021

    Let the rumors commence My 2 cents: Make this trade happen ASAP, regardless of...
  2. borg

    OT: Douchier nickname: The Boogiemen or The Perfection Line?

    Setting the table The Patriot LB corp was so self impressed by its dominance verses AAA competition in the early part of the 2019 season the group tagged themselves The Boogiemen, only to crap their boogie-panties when real NFL offenses or Ryan Fitzpatrick took the field later in the season...
  3. borg

    Ben DiNucci: Jimmy G 2.0 ?

    Pats being linked to this James Madison QB
  4. borg

    Of course it was going to be Tampa!

    Brady’s priorities: 1) Two year contract 2) A platform to demonstrate the TB12 method on a national scale New England satisfied neither of Brady’s priorities. 1) Contract extensions were rebuffed over the past 2 years. 2) Belichick de-emphasized the offense and positioned Brady as a game...
  5. borg

    NFL offers free Game Pass

    NFL offers fans free access to NFL Game Pass -
  6. borg

    Patriots success since 2011 CBA

    The first decade of this amazing 20 year dynasty had it all. Dominant teams, sustained rivalries, quality football. I have the 2004 Pats as the best/ most complete team in football in the past 20 years with 2007 being the runner up. I have the Pats / Indy, Brady/Manning rivalry of that decade as...
  7. borg

    OT: “Live Discussion” pop ups

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed/ addressed. How do I disable the “Live Discussion” pop ups that are suddenly plaguing my screen (IPhone)?
  8. borg

    Matt Cassel: Being Brady’s Backup

    Boston mediots can’t be happy with this What it's really like being Brady's backup
  9. borg

    Let's talk Mookie

    What we know about Mookie.... Incredibly talented multi-tool player..... yada yada.....who wants to hit free agency and let the free market elevate his compensation far beyond his true value (Scott Boras rule #1). Speculation: He doesn't like Boston Rumor: Turned down 8 year/$200 mill deal last...
  10. borg

    RIP Bushwick Bill

    Thoughts and prayers from a football website Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill Dead at 52
  11. borg

    Cornhole Championship next month

    These specialist athletes converge on Vegas on July 2 to test their skill and endurance vs the world’s best. ACO World Championships of Cornhole 14 - American Cornhole Who ya like? I’m all in for Back Fat Bobby McTweed
  12. borg

    Women’s World Cup

    Who ya got? I like team USA in a romp
  13. borg

    RIP Tre Da Kid

    Thoughts and prayers Rapper found dead from gunshot wounds after his car crashes in Maryland
  14. borg

    A.J. Dillon....Boston College RB

    6'0" 245 lb sophomore BC's star feature back Thick lower body (think tree trunk) reminiscent of Earl Campbell Very curious if PatsFans pay attention to BC football and if so, what are your impressions of A.J. Dillon and his potential as a NFL RB. I've watched a ton of BC football this year and...
  15. borg

    Patriots TE: Production vs Cost

    Rob Gronkowski Production: 29 catches, 448 yds, 1 TD, 71% offensive snaps, played in 7 of 9 games 2018 Cost: $8 mill salary plus per game bonus totaling no more than $880,000. Other incentives unlikely. 2019 cost: $9 mill salary The new deal includes Gronkowski earning $1 million more in per...
  16. borg

    Jamie Collins...MCL

    Done for the year Collins inked a $50 million contract extension in January but was forced to miss three games this season with a concussion in Week 2. He has 31 tackles and one sack this season. Jamie Collins to miss rest of season with MCL injury Collins' wins as a Cleveland Brown.......1
  17. borg

    Should the Patriots Recognize Gisele's Role in NE's Success

    Not to diminish the value and service of every Patriots' spouse...but lets be honest... Gisele Bundchen may be the most significant wife of a professional male athlete in history and the X factor that continues to tip the scales in New England's favor. Her financial might has allowed Brady to...
  18. borg

    Fish take a hit on D

    Reports: Fins' McMillan tears ACL, out for '17
  19. borg

    Bob Kraft's HOF Legacy

    Two decades of joy supplant faded memories of perilous times past .......Bob Kraft stands tall Borges: Patriots owner Bob Kraft merits place in Pro Football Hall of Fame
  20. borg

    The Dysfunctional Red Sox are back, baby!

    24 players / 24 cabs........Chicken 'n beer.......not this time. This 2017 version of dysfunction involves a new breed of athlete......the millennial athlete eager for likes in the age of social full of ready to embrace group ill-prepared to handle...