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    Drafting a Kicker

    With Gostkowski's salary, injury and recent inconsistencies, I would not doubt BB drafts a kicker. That said, who would you prefer he drafts? My choice is Dominik Eberle from Utah State. The only negative with Eberle is he doesn't have a "cannon" for a leg but is pretty accurate. He didn't miss...
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    Chris Sale extension

    Cool if true. Doesn't tie us up for 7 years like Price's contract, which has 4 more years.
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    Boom! Bad news for 'boys

    O.T. Boom! Bad news for 'boys Ezekiel Elliott suspension reinstated after court ruling
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    Would you trade a 2018 1st to move into 2nd round?

    There are still players available with good value. I may trade the 2018 (which won't happen but for discussion sake) for one of the following players. Cam Robinson Zach Cunningham Dan Feeney Tim Williams Forrest Lamp I wouldVe added Dalvin Cook to the list but we are set at RB.
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    Arthur Blank

    Can some post some pics from the time the Falcons scored a touchdown while he was in his VIP box, to him going down to the field in the 4th, to every time Pats scored thereafter...he looked like he aged about 10 years in those 30 minutes.
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    Lack of screen passes

    What happened? I always thought the Pats ran way too many screen passes in the past as a lot of them lost yards. Now this year the screen pass is non-existent. Is it lack of personnel (no big receivers and lack of TE depth to block) or did Brady have a say in not using these type plays any...
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    Who would file amicus briefs on NFL's behalf?

    We all know that several high profile people/scientists/organizations filed amicus briefs on the Pats side. The question is, and this is going to happen, what high profile people/organizations will file same briefs on NFL's behalf, once the CA2 orders NFL to respond to the appeal filed by Tom...
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    O.T. Aaron Hernandez got jacked up?

    One of my package delivery service guys just told me that he saw AHern getting wheeled out of Boston Medical Center, escorted by 3 SUV's and about 12 cops. Anybody know what happened?
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    Who didn't make the flight to Denver?

    Did everyone get on that plane or are there no news about that yet? Sorry if this was posted elsewhere but I didn't see it.
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    Recruiting Classes

    Here's one for Florida of '07. I know there are plenty more out there but this one caught my eye. Yahoo Sports: 2007 Florida Commitments There's like 10 NFL products on there. Maybe more.
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    Corwin Brown - Our next DC?

    Did anyone else hear Troy Brown say that he thinks Corwin Brown will be the next DC of the NEP? Did I hear that correctly? I didn't see the whole thing.
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    Match Ups

    Pats D-Line vs. Giants OL Edge: Patriots Pats LB's vs. NYG RB Edge: Even Pats DB's vs. NYG WR Edge: Even Pats QB vs. NYG QB Big Edge: Patriots Pats WR vs. NYG DB's Edge: Patriots (Big edge if Ross is hurting) Pats RB's vs. NYG LB's Edge: Even Pats OL vs. NYG DL Edge...
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    Would BB consider Ahmad Brooks

    Brooks will most likely be available for the supplemental draft in June(?) so the question is: since we still need an ILB would BB consider picking him and if yes, which round? This guy is the perfect fit for our defense but also a lot of others. With his off-field troubles he might drop a...
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    Kai Parham:reach or wait

    IMO, Kai Parham is the best fit for the Pats at ILB. If BB decides to move Vrabel back outside, we need an ILB. Question is: can we afford to wait untill our current second round pick or should we trade a fourth and sixth (or a 3rd next yr) to move up & ensure his services? He will be a hot...