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Sep 27th

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  1. PatsfanTN

    Patriots trade for WR Mohamed Sanu, for a second-round pick

    I don’t get burning a second round pick on him. But welcome to the Pats!
  2. PatsfanTN

    Felger and Mazz

    whats up with these two dudes? I’m able to pick up NBC sports Boston and these two clowns are on. Why the absolute Hate for the Patriots and on a Boston network? I get not being fanboys or whatever, but man, everything out of their mouth is mocking the Team and just negative. How the hell do...
  3. PatsfanTN

    Nashville preseason game, who’s coming down?

    I met the plane and then had great seats to that dismal game last year. Got another shot to see the Pats down here and I’m going to take my oldest daughter to her first game. Just wondering how many other Pats fan might be there.
  4. PatsfanTN

    Twitter links/ feeds

    anyone out there still having a problem seeing any twitter links or feeds on the forum? I’ve tried refresh, doesn’t work. Is it just happening on Apple devices? A particular setting in browser? It’s twitter and nobody died, but still....I’d like to see what’s being posted.
  5. PatsfanTN

    Martellus Bennett

    This man is an absolute beast. Watching him these three games just dominate is incredible. He has been a huge part of these wins in my opinion and I can't fathom for the life of me, why Chicago didn't want to keep him. Their loss our gain for sure.
  6. PatsfanTN

    Ok. Now I'm ready.

    slow build up, this week has taken forever to get here. Just finished rewatching the second half of Super Bowl 49. This Team is nothing BUT resilient. I forgot all about the end of the game scrum where Gronk kicked someone else out of the club. Even Katy Perry sounded good. I'm leaving work...
  7. PatsfanTN

    OT: Sean Payton possible next Dolphins coach?

    Just hearing about this, a good move if they do it, not sure I want him in our division.
  8. PatsfanTN

    Comedy Central.

    jaguars forum this morning...evidently we control the play clock at will. Talk about being inside people's heads...
  9. PatsfanTN

    Thursday night RB situation

    so who is going to get the majority of the carries Thursday night? whats the bigger concern, RB or WR situation this week?
  10. PatsfanTN

    Colin just apologized

    on the Herd, he was talking about how only one ball was 2 pounds under and the rest were just a smidge under. He apologized for some of his fellow "employees" at ESPN jumping on this the way they did. Suck on that Brunell.
  11. PatsfanTN

    Rodney Harrison on WEEI Friday morning

    Anyone catch that this morning? He sounded irritated and generally pissed off. Thought guys quit and seemed more irritated with the players than the coaching.Thats the attitdue we miss on the defense though. Its like hes ready to run through a wall and chew nails at any minute.i miss that guy.
  12. PatsfanTN

    Jamie Collins...

    Lets not forget about him, he played a great game. Hopefully more to come!
  13. PatsfanTN

    It's on.

    Ya, It's on d%#*[email protected] and I for one, hate these guys. Period. That is all.
  14. PatsfanTN

    She's just a small town girl...

    I think you know the rest...:). Good fight Detroit!
  15. PatsfanTN

    Any one good at Video editing?

    Cause I would love a 2010 Pats Highlight video to "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva. I dont happen to have the skillz to make that work, but I really would love to play that on a loop here in Nashville at work!...:)
  16. PatsfanTN

    Vince Young may start against Pats

    Word on the street here is we may see Vince Young start against the Pats or at least get majority of the playing time. The papers down here are all calling for some kind of change anyhow... Watching the Titans fans drag themselves into work this morning was anti-climactic due to the Denver loss...
  17. PatsfanTN

    To the fireman

    what are you, like 70 now?....I wish to god they would stop showing that guy on TV. Grats on being the most obnoxious fan ever, you truly belong in New York.
  18. PatsfanTN

    Word on Mayo?

    I havent been able to find anything on him....anyone read/Heard anything on the injury/ probable return?
  19. PatsfanTN

    Playmakers where art thou?

    Seriously though, After watching all last season and 2 games into this season, I think we have finally run the well of doing more with less dry. It seems (at least to me), that we no longer have playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Positives 1. Middle of the D line, still pretty...
  20. PatsfanTN

    Bob Kraft

    Class act on the pregame...:) and to the guy who was walking behind him and pretending to look lost so he could be on TV, give it up, your not convincing.