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Sep 27th

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    New Season

    Yeah Chicago was tough alright, the B's DEMOLISHED them in their building. We still make the playoffs and will end up being one and done.
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    Friday Patriots Notebook 2/20: Edelman's Hit on Jeremy Lane Also Injured the CB's Knee,...

    What a pity I hate to see such a loud mouth like Lane get owned like he did. Isn't he the same idiot that said that Gronk wasn't a great TE? LOL.....Yeah karma is a real ***** for him.
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    Larry Fitzgerald restructures with Cardinals

    I rather see that money spent on Suh and extending Revis.
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    12th Man? ...My bahookey....

    I saw that posted somewhere, and sent that to an old college friend of mine who moved out to Seattle and became a season ticket holder LOL.
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    12th Man? ...My bahookey....

    I actually have stayed out in Seattle for numerous periods of time for business related trips(I work in the tech field). I can assure you, that the 12's never existed until 2012. Seattle is like, a larger more West Coast like version of Providence.
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    Winter Classic at Gillette next year for Bruins

    Hahahaha ribbit ribbit ribbit!!!! Oh yeah we get the French next season in OUR house!!!!!!!! YES!!! I am getting tickets for that B's vs Habs game next year.
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    POLL: If Pats were to go FA WR route, who's most realisitic?

    Jeremy Maclin would thrive in the Patriots system here. I could see him putting 1200 yards, and 11 TD's under Belichick's guidance, and Brady throwing to him. He already plays in a similar system with Chip Kelly down in Philadelphia.
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    Jets hire Todd Bowles as new HC

    The Jets just love those defensive minded coaches!!!!
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    POLL: If Pats were to go FA WR route, who's most realisitic?

    Jeremy Maclin for 2 years, and he would put up more yards than Torrey Smith would for much less...
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    New guy from Northeastern Pennsylvania

    Try being a Yankees, Patriots, Bruins fan living in Baltimore, Maryland out of all places for work. I am from Rhode Island originally, and got a transfer down here, after I left NE. Ravens fans are the most insufferable human beings ever on the planet. Redskins fans eh, I actually feel really...
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    Lurker and not quite newbie

    Anyway I signed up, around late 2013, and never exactly posted on here until now. I never have time to post on message boards anyway. So I know, I am going to get a lot of grief but yes it's true I am a Yankees, Patriots, Bruins fan. Why is that you say? I'm actually from Providence, RI, and...
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    Ranking Our Superbowl Victims....

    1). Seahawks 2). Rams 3). Eagles 4). Panthers(Come on this is a John Fox team you know they suck).