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  1. slash83

    Gronk is now a FOX NFL analyst

    Yup, he’s not coming back, not that I ever expected him to.
  2. slash83

    Movie: Joker

    Anyone else excited for this movie? It’s gotten excellent reviews so far from that film festival.
  3. slash83


    One of the best movies I have seen in a long time, the %100 percent Rotten Tomatoes gave it is well deserved.
  4. slash83

    OT: Congrats to the Chicago Cubs

    With record high numbers of shootings and killings in Chicago, I'm happy the Cubs came through for a city in desperate need of great news and great vibes. Congrats Cubbies!
  5. slash83

    Do you guys agree?

    Once Browner comes back do we go to a lot more man defense? Since that plays into his strength, along with Revis. Tired of this zone crap, it isn't working.
  6. slash83

    So what's next?

    Now that Pats locked up Amendola, any guesses or reports on who or what position they target next? Do they focus on the defense now? Next couple days should be exciting...
  7. slash83

    Random game thoughts

    1. You can tell the first half all of the sacks and hits were getting to Brady, not his usual self at all. Good to see the o-line settle down there in the second half. 2. Hoping to see Ridley more and more down the road, you can tell he possesses that acceleration and speed BJGE just does...
  8. slash83

    Congrats to Jerod Mayo on his 1st career int

    Keep em coming 51!
  9. slash83

    On a funny note...that was the most pathetic attempt of an onside kick I've ever seen

    That was the most pathetic attempt of an onside kick I've ever witnessed lol.
  10. slash83

    Didnt ya just know...

    Brady and the offense were gonna drive down and at least tie the game up? I along with many others sure did, maybe not get in the end zone but at least put the kicker in range for the game tier. Some other thoughts bout the game... 1- What a great way to go into the bye week, its...
  11. slash83

    OT: Jets Holmes throws offensive line under the bus

    Holmes says Jets' line keeps passing game grounded A Monday night loss would completely fracture that team's spine, and man do I hope it happens.
  12. slash83

    Pass Defense -Not as Bad as You Think

    Pep Johnson "more than pleased" with the pass rush - Blogs: Rap Sheet» Blog Archive » Why Patriots DL coach Pepper Johnson is “more than” pleased (really) with his pass-rush… One interesting note from Rapport is where he mentions the 3 step drops opposing qb's are taking...
  13. slash83

    Game observations

    1- being at the game watching Brady really gives you an appreciation for how great he is. The way he moves in the pocket and remains calm under all that hecticness is amazing. Some of those deep out routes and crossing patterns I thought had no chance of hitting the receiver ended up being right...
  14. slash83

    Pats workout Quentin Moses

    Fantasy Football player news, injuries and analysis - Glad they are making a concentrated effort to fix the pass rush, lets gets one of these guys signed. Preferably Brock, then Roth, if those two options fail then Moses.
  15. slash83

    Devin and Jason McCourty on NFL Network

    NFL Videos: McCourty twins' field demo
  16. slash83

    BB and Mankins have a "nice talk" - Blogs: Rap Sheet Blog Archive Live from Honolulu: Bill Belichick has private chat with Logan Mankins following game Smart move by BB.
  17. slash83

    Cool McCourty vid

    YouTube - Devin McCourty New England Patriots CB/ 2010 Highlights Stud.
  18. slash83

    NESN: Larry Fitzgerald could be available via trade

    Sources: Larry Fitzgerald Could Be Available Via Trade, But Only for 'Right Price' - NFL - The Pats are also equipped with two picks in both the first and second rounds of the draft, which would give them more than enough ammunition to acquire Fitzgerald if they'd like to explore...
  19. slash83

    Looking forward to the future

    As much as it sucked losing today, thinking about all the positives for next season makes me feel a little bit better. -Looking forward to another year with Brady and Belichick as the leaders of the team. -Continued awesomeness of DMC -Looking forward to healthy returns of Ty Warren...
  20. slash83

    Leigh Bodden update - Blogs: Rap Sheet Blog Archive While his team’s been winning, what has Patriots CB Leigh Bodden been doing? Sounds like he is progressing slowly but surely, cant wait to see him and Warren back with the team next season. The boys need to hold it down until they get back...