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  1. Nitro

    OT - Tampa O lineman living in van down by the river

    "He bought a used 2007 Ford E-350 cargo van for $55,000" Huh? 2018 Ford E-350 Econoline 350 Super Duty Save Compare $38,712 Did he report the sexual assault he received to the police at least?
  2. Nitro

    Tom Brady drinks 37 glasses of water a day

    Beer starts out as water so it's only logical the answer is yes.
  3. Nitro

    JG trade story: Patriots tried

    Don't apologize for being smart!
  4. Nitro

    Anyone Know if you can listen to Zolak

    I tried the radio thing today after that overload of houston asskissing biased crap, too much of a delay with the game. So sat there in silence except for the dog whimpering about something while dreaming, probably a squirrel, she hates squirrels.
  5. Nitro

    Blount on the outs in Philly ?

    The position of running back in the nfl has this thing called the 30 year wall, no really its a thing, google it. And guess what... LeGarrette Blount No. 29 Philadelphia Eagles Position: Running back Date of birth: December 5, 1986 (age 30)
  6. Nitro

    Mass. Lottery releases new Patriots "5X CHAMPIONS" instant ticket

    Just read an article somewhere last week that the politicians score $125K for every $5K the lottery gives out. I wont be buying.
  7. Nitro

    Marshawn Lynch Having Some Fun at Pats Expense

    I backed out as soon as rap started.. nope, cant do it.. so someone explain what happened.
  8. Nitro

    WTF is up with new layout?

    oh good, giant pictures and endless scrolling. every site that pulls that crap is rewarded by a massive traffic loss yet no one ever learns.
  9. Nitro

    Connor McGregor's cryptic message?

    I just wish it was mayweather going to MMA, I love watching boxers who think they are god's get annihilated in seconds in a cage.
  10. Nitro

    OT - Celtics to trade #1 overall pick?

    Sadly fake. Scroll down on that account for his other breaking news "confirmed" declarations.. that didnt happen.
  11. Nitro

    Is anyone watching/Interested in the US open

    Isn't the us open tennis? I don't even know why I'm in here, I couldnt care less about golf or tennis.
  12. Nitro

    Are the Jets Tanking?

    It's not luck, it's pure skill and no one in nfl history has mastered drafting first round busts like the jets have. Throwing a dart at a board would produce better results then the jets have doing their impression of scouting over the years, i think it's the logo, doesnt even seem to matter...
  13. Nitro

    Are the Jets Tanking?

    14 years. 18-42 win loss record. brady once had 18 wins in one year. If I wanted to tank a team thats the QB i'd pick to do it.
  14. Nitro

    Ravens cut Arrington

    "In 2016, Arrington suffered a concussion in the first preseason game and was placed on injured reserve on August 29, 2016, missing the entire season." That must have been one hell of a concussion.
  15. Nitro

    Introducing kicker Josh Gable.... might this be Gostowski's competition?

    If this kid can actually hit 85 frigging yard field goals it's not very hard to imagine at all actually.
  16. Nitro

    Drew Bledsoe -- Powder Hound

    Title threw me off...
  17. Nitro

    This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands

    Brady was called on to start an entire season in 2008 and and couldnt make it through the first quarter of the first game, how are they supposed to count on tom for any extended period of time when he went out not even an hour into the season? Or, one random injury doesnt make you ras-i...
  18. Nitro

    OT: JPP resigns with Giants (update: or not)

    I actually had to go hit his wikipedia page thinking there is no way in hell this guy made it passed grade 5.... I was wrong, the University of South Florida produced this intellectual titan.