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Sep 27th

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  1. jboston19

    Is the Dynasty Era Over?

    It’s way too early to think that. The offense turned out to be a weak point last year and, almost literally, gave the team nothing. If they can contribute anything, the D should be able to carry them. Might not be favorites in every game but they’ll be in the mix.
  2. jboston19

    2021 Mock Drafts

    If Allen or Phillips don’t make the team, I believe that would add another 6th round compensatory pick, as well.
  3. jboston19

    OT: Hello Great Ones!

    I’m going to take that as a good sign!
  4. jboston19

    OT: Hello Great Ones!

    Good to see you, Sammy!
  5. jboston19

    OT: First Look at Tompa Bay in Action (Madden week 1 simulation)

    I bought Madden in 18 for the first time since college. I always loved the dynasty mode. At absolutely no point in playing either the actual football game or running the Patriots in the 2018 version did I get enjoyment out of it. It felt like a monotonous task the entire time.
  6. jboston19

    Madden 20 simulation for week 1

    So they’re clearly not expecting the end of 2020 to be any better than the first five months of it.....
  7. jboston19

    Two questions for a slow Saturday (5/9):

    1) They’d have had to have been much more aggressive with restructuring contracts, and perhaps the McCourtys may not be here instead. Thuney seems to be part of their plans, at least this year. Although, I don’t believe Brady leaving was as much a surprise to them as we have been led to believe...
  8. jboston19

    Sellout streaks with no fans

    I mean, the point could be made that the stadium is at max allowable capacity and so the streak would continue.
  9. jboston19

    Bedard jumps the Shark

    Really, this trade, and the other trade ups, spoke more to me about what the Pats thought of the quality of this draft. I’m not worried about a small potential overpay.
  10. jboston19

    Bengals release QB Andy Dalton

    My guess is no. He has a house near Dallas and there’s no state income tax here, creating an even bigger discrepancy in pay. But who knows?
  11. jboston19

    Focusing On The Weak Link On Defense: DT

    I thought they’d add DT high in the draft, but they must be impressed with Allen and hopeful on Cowart. They did add a high risk/high reward de in Coe.
  12. jboston19

    A theory on why the Pats ended with 3 IOLs

    He did play D line his freshman year....
  13. jboston19

    2021 Draft Prospects

    Googling these idiots At UF, apparently they weren’t real guns.
  14. jboston19

    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    That was Jerome Boger. He’s one of the worst officials in professional sports. I used to think he was on the take but, after having suffered watching many of his games and hearing his explanations, have changed my mind and now think he legitimately is an imbecile in the classic sense of the word.
  15. jboston19

    2020-2021 NFL Roster Cuts

    I’m almost positive it would be for next year.
  16. jboston19

    The Official 2020 UDFA Signing Thread

    I wouldn’t go by stats with BC players. The only time the last coaching staff would pass was on 3rd down, and that was invariably just for two yards after they’d run up the middle twice on 1st and 2nd down for 4 yards total. Every. Single. Time.
  17. jboston19

    FanDuel: Pats -190 to sign Cam Newton (now +220)

    Cam was released and thus doesn’t count against the comp formula.
  18. jboston19

    Will Our 2019 Running Game Improve From 18th?

    I expect the running game to be the focal point of the offense until Stidham proves himself. If it doesn’t improve statistically from 18, that’s *probably* a very bad sign.
  19. jboston19

    The After Draft Scramble

    I expect Thuney to either sign soon or be traded for 2021 now that the team trading for him has more time for a physical exam to happen. Hoping he re-signs. The Newton betting odds are interesting. BB has had high praise for him in the past and a lot of QB needy teams filled their openings...