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  1. ironwasp

    The Official 'I'd like to Revise my Won-Loss Prediction' Thread

    I still don't think we can take anything for granted this season. The defence, while improving, is still green. I worry in particular about the secondary being exploited by pass happy teams. I started out thinking we were a 9-7 team this year. I think we have a shot at getting to 12-4 with more...
  2. ironwasp

    KC Star Sports blog calling for the team to get Cassel

    Re: KC STAR Sports blog calling for the team to get Cassel. He makes a convincing argument. It makes all kinds of sense for the Chiefs to do this. But I don't think they'll be handing over a 3 pick for it though. Nor would we ncessarily want to be that high up there, unless BB decides this is...
  3. ironwasp

    London tickets

    I have not seen anything yet in the way of package deals but there were package deals all over the internet last year for Chargers and Saints fans. It is an incredibly expensive way to do it though.
  4. ironwasp

    Michael Smith: Pioli to KC, Caserio will be new VP of Player Personnel

    This is the price we pay for 36, 38 and 39; play-offs, 16-0 and sixth and seventh round QBs who can take you the distance: Crennel, Weis, Mangini, McDaniels, Dimitroff, now Pioli. Success breeds envy and encourages replication. This is jusy another endorsement of what everyone knows: that...
  5. ironwasp

    Tim Tebow in 2010 anyone [merged]

    Buried in Peter King's MMQB today, during a discourse about whether Tenow is NFL material or not, this little nugget: "I will bet a lot of money that when Tebow comes out, he won't get past New England in the second round; as much as Bill Belichick is around Urban Meyer and that program, I...
  6. ironwasp

    Pats-Bucs Tickets

    Mike I have been to both the Wembley games, the first one in Club Wembley at the 50 yard line middle tier - fantastic view, padded seats etc. This year very low behind the goal - tickets about half the price. I would suggest that you can get decent seats without taking the Club Wembley route...
  7. ironwasp

    Pats will play Bucs in London in 2009 [mergedx2]

    Re: NFL International Series 2009 Bucs have basically already put their hand up and practically begged for a gig life this. It is definitely AFC-NFC. (they already said that) Next year: AFCE vs NFC south. It won't e the Fins (done it already) and they have been bragging how excited they are...
  8. ironwasp

    Pats will play Bucs in London in 2009 [mergedx2]

    NFL International Series 2009 The NFL is going to announce at 1pm ET the identity of the teams coming to London for next year's game. Educated best guess.... you're not going to like it... Pats-Bucs
  9. ironwasp


    Re: J'accuse.... If you read enough history, you'll find it was the French who were responsible for most of the world's bad episodes. Myself, I am magnanimous to them however on account of the fact they do produce the most wonderful wine. And I find that enough of that generally eases...
  10. ironwasp

    A Thread About Nothing...

    That might be true. But I've been too busy to visit the pub for a long long time, but i am heartened to return and find that nothing is here for me when I need it.
  11. ironwasp

    What Have You Never Done ?

    Never voted for a Conservative.
  12. ironwasp

    Where will Cassel be next year at this time?

    I've kept my counsel on this issue so far but having watched every Pats game and a lot of other football this year, I believe he has a legitimate shot at starting at half a dozen clubs next year. There is some terrible, terrible quarterbacking in other places. Aside from maybe, maybe, one or...
  13. ironwasp

    Thoughts on deferring

    I guess it's about momentum. How often do you get to the half and have a situation where you think the game could either get away from you or you could put it away with scores either side of half time? You don't get that sort of momentum shift ever at the beginning of the game. I would...
  14. ironwasp

    We could be seeing a Michigan QB playing on Sunday in Foxboro not named Brady

    Henne's better than awful, but that's a matter of debate I guess. What's not a matter for debate is that I suspect the Falcons coaches and players liked Matt Ryan after one outing and bla bla bla "carries himself like a vet" bla bla bla, but then after week 2, he looks a lot more like a...
  15. ironwasp

    Airing it out this week?

    Good thoughts, makes a lot of sense, as ever. I need 300 yards and a couple of tds from QB and WR. May make sense to look elsewhere this week.
  16. ironwasp

    Bob Sanders is out 4 to 6 weeks

    Re: Bob Sanders is out 4 to 6 weeks. Jeez, I know we have the marquee injury for the 2008 season, but the Colts don't seem to be having a lot of luck either. I love Sanders and I'd like to see him back sooner rather than later.
  17. ironwasp

    Airing it out this week?

    I'm just putting together my fantasy team for the NFL UK (where you get to pick a new team within a salary cap every week) and I wondered whether anyone on here thinks that BB and McDaniels might use the Dolphins secondary as a sort of test bed for stretching the field with Cassel/Moss. It...
  18. ironwasp

    Favorite moment of Jets game?

    I think the interception for me, just because it was at such a key moment in the game, perhaps a little more so than the sack. Also just pleased to see Meriweather stepping up. Looks like we have two number one picks in the starting line up now both bringing speed and youthfulness and that to...
  19. ironwasp

    Manning "sick" about Brady

    Peyton's not always had a good press on here, but there are a good number of contributors who have always respected him for hsi achievements and his play, and I count myself among them. So I was not surprised to read - in this Star notebook - that Manning is among those with something...