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  1. dales804

    Predict the Score CONTEST, Week 5 NE @ CLE

    Patriots - 30 Browns - 20
  2. dales804

    Predict the Score CONTEST, Week 1 NE @ ARI

    Patriots 20 Cardinals 24
  3. dales804

    Messi @ Foxborough

    All of this talk of Zidane and nobody posts this:
  4. dales804

    Meta: Does anyone have any feelings about Robert Kraft they want to share?

    Totally true and I'm all for differing opinions. But to say that I "***** and whine" on here when I've done neither, is just incorrect and obnoxious. Maybe he should take a look at my post history and see that I've made a grand total of 7 posts since the end of NE's season, none of which fall in...
  5. dales804

    Meta: Does anyone have any feelings about Robert Kraft they want to share?

    I don't ***** and whine on here at all. I come to this board a lot less than I used to and post even less. I happen to enjoy the members on this site and find humor in some conversations. That's why I come to this site now. Ian runs a good ship here. You may not like someone finally having...
  6. dales804

    Meta: Does anyone have any feelings about Robert Kraft they want to share?

    I took my name off the season ticket waitlist, haven't purchased any tickets to Gillette Stadium, no Patriots merchandise, got rid of NFL Network and missed more games last year (around 6-7) than I had the previous 20, combined. I support Brady and BB. When Brady is done, I will be finished with...
  7. dales804

    Lewis and Blount courtside at Celtics Game 3

    Noticed Blount right when it happened. At first I was thinking, "who's the huge guy not playing tonight?" Then realized it was him.
  8. dales804

    Poll: Greatest QB in Pats history

    I was fully prepared to vote for Bledsoe.
  9. dales804

    Denver Cap situation?

    Well, they had a shot (and a pretty good one) to get HFA without winning that game in DEN this past year. So they'd probably have a shot at it without winning there next year. But it would definitely help. And you're right, NE playing in DEN is not good for them. Never has been.
  10. dales804

    Denver Cap situation?

    They save $19M (his salary) by cutting him. He has $2.5M in dead money for 2016. His salary becomes fully guaranteed on 3/9/16.
  11. dales804

    How long does it take you to get past a big loss

    I was over it shortly after it happened. As others have said, winning SB49 helps but I also don't care as much this year because of the past offseason (air pressure).
  12. dales804

    color me disturbed

    Glad they're so happy to have beaten NE. Hope CAR kicks their asses in SB50.
  13. dales804

    Gronk was WIDE open on the conversion

    Yup. Saw it when it happened. Too bad he didn't have more time.
  14. dales804

    BBs suggestion for the longer XP...

    It was an interesting way to decide a game.
  15. dales804

    ***Official AFCCG Gameday Thread: Patriots v. Broncos

    That was bad. Hope it gets better. It has to. Denver isn't going to be slowing down.